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Sean Griswold's Head (2011)

Sean Griswold's Head (2011)

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1599904985 (ISBN13: 9781599904986)
Bloomsbury USA Children's Books

About book Sean Griswold's Head (2011)

Al principio lo leí, y cuando supe que el papá tenía EM, no quise leerlo, porque no quería deprimirme, pero al final me gusto mucho, porque me identifiqué.Me identifiqué con el papá, no porque yo tenga EM,pero tengo algo que me hace conocer el sentimiento de perder el control de tu cuerpo, no poder moverte como quieres, pensar que eres una carga para los demás, y aunque yo tengo posibilidad de recuperarme, entiendo al padre de Payton.También me identifiqué mucho con Payton, su manera de actuar es muchas veces mi manera de actuar, y si no es algo bueno para decir, pero hay días en los que tienes miedo, o estas cansada de lo que está pasando, te sientes débil, que no eres para nada fuerte como todos creen y lo escondes siendo una completa perra, no sé porque lo hacemos, no sé porque nos defendemos así, pero lo hacemos y en este caso me refiero a Payton y a mi, no sé como lo harán los demás.Al final me emociono con la carrera, es una bonita forma de ayudar y saber que hay cosas así, me demuestra que el mundo es bueno, solo que nosotros nos fijamos en lo malo. Super cute with a unique story line. Payton just found out that her dad has MS, and she is devastated about it. The once straight arrow girl with perfect grades who was a basketball star and a well organized person falls apart. Her grades disintegrate. She refuses to say more than a word or two at a time to her parents. She is a mess. After being set up with some counseling sessions with her school counselor she is encouraged to find an object to focus on and journal about. This object is meant to help her focus her anger and feelings in a more positive way. Instead of choosing an inanimate object Payton chooses the back of Sean Griswold's head since he sits in front of her in biology. It turns out that Sean is actually a super great guy, and when Payton begins to know more about him she forms an attachment that leads to a healthier emotional state for her. But it is not an easy road.Payton is a mess. Really a mess. Her reactions to the troubles in her life are selfish and hurtful and childish. Everyone else seems to see this, but Payton does not. She is just stuck in the middle of her problems and can't get herself out. She is hateful to her family. She hurts her best friend. She ultimately hurts Sean Griswold as well. It could be hard to like her as a main character. But ... something kept me reading. I could see her pain and her fears and how they were driving her actions. Instead of being angry with her I felt compassion. I wanted her to figure things out. I wanted her to find a way to channel all that fear and find a healthy way to overcome it. Her problems were not going away. I wanted her to find a better way to find happiness in the midst of the trials. So I kept reading ... and rooting for her ... and Sean.Sean was adorable and wonderful. He was such a good guy. Not perfect. But perfect for Payton. Yes, there is a bit of romance in this story, but I would not categorize this as a YA romance. The story is more about Payton and coming to terms with scary things in our lives, things that we don't really have any control over. This is about learning to live, even when it seems as if all the world is falling apart around you. This is about embracing the good in life, even when there is a lot of bad coming your way. Payton behaves in a juvenile way most of the time, but she grows up in this story. She finds happiness when before all she could see was darkness and tragedy.This is a fast read. I flew through this story in only a few hours, and I really enjoyed it. It isn't perfect, but it is a light read that deals with some heavier issues at the same time. The romance was cute, even if I got a bit frustrated with Payton's actions at times. And I really, really appreciated the side theme involving Sean's friend Grady about the importance of not attaching labels to people because of how they might look on the outside. It is nice to have a YA book where characters don't nicely fit into a cookie cutter idea of what a typical teen is. Four stars!

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