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Searching For Beautiful (2014)

Searching for Beautiful (2014)

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About book Searching For Beautiful (2014)

Five stars don't even describe how good this book was. It had ever elements which a reader looks for in a book. Conflict: which Brynn handles VERY well. A bad experience: Jason was a total ass. A lesson: While reading the book you learn that one lie can ruin a person. A boy: Christian is EXACTLY what Brynn need, he helped her in sooo many ways-- Lets not forget his total sexinnes! I LOVE YOU CHRISTIAN MEDINA! While I read the description for this book, I honestly didn't know what to expect. In some ways it was very similar to the description, and in other ways the description didn't do it justice. I really liked the character development in this book regarding the different relationships Brynn is struggling with-- boys, friends, and family. I really liked the story line with her dad and how that was resolved. I think this book is a good one for high school girls to read. It shows different types of unhealthy relationships (Jason, Max, and even Ian) and what healthy relationships look like (Christian). Also, while I'm a sucker for romance, I'm glad Brynn's and Christian's relationship grew organically and was realistic. Overall this was a great read and I really enjoyed it. Some good quotes from this book-“…our heads and hearts don’t always travel the same wavelength. Sometimes they’re not even on the same frequency…like they’re a whole galaxy away from each other.” -Brynn“Sometimes we just have bad days, Bryntastic. It goes with the territory of living.”- Christian

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The title, the cover, the story ....... beauty found. Loved it.

Good beginning but lost interest half way through.

Sorry Nyrae Dawn not my favorite of your books.

3.5 stars.... Full review to come

review to come....

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