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Sebastian - Secrets (2014)

Sebastian - Secrets (2014)
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Janey Rosen
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Sebastian - Secrets (2014)
Sebastian - Secrets (2014)

About book: Sebastian - Secrets (Kindle Edition)Beth is in a loveless marriage and tries to get her husband to go to counselling....he won't even talk things through with her. Beth reaches a stage where she goes looking for love else where. She has 2 beautiful kids, a lovely house and her own business.A good gripping story that has a dreadful ending of lives.Can't wait to read the next book I loved this book from start to end. The book is told in the first person, from the female perspective so we in turn experience everything that she is feeling.The relationship that the main female character has with her husband isn't what she wants or needs in life, so she seeks an affair with a stranger to get the sexual pleasure she desires. After a few failed attempts, when at a team building event for her work, she gets acquainted with the lead male character of the books (Sebastian). He wants her to basically become his submissive - as he says to her "Your mine - only mine" repetitively. She discovers this while staying (and sharing a bed with him) at his house. He introduces her to the Dom/Sub lifestyle but she doesn't really understand it to begin with. She however knows that she's fallen in love with him though. While this is going on her husband sees her with Sebastian (this is before they have sex) and confronts her. This leads to more discomfort at her family home as she certainly won't get sexually fulfilled by her husband now she fears. Sebastian is there to console her however, which I thought was really sweet. They then kiss for the first time. Living with Sebastian already there is one of his ex lovers, who consoled him after his wife's death. The main female character isn't sure what to feel about her though, as it seems she has a problem with her. The end of the book was really sad. I thought this book was a new take on the Dom/Sub plot line. It brought up some things that I'd never thought about before, when reading this genre of book.
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Probably 3.5 stars. A quick paced read. Typically left on a hanger than has you downloading book 2
got me utterly hooked...finished it in one setting.need the next!!!
So frustrating!
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