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Second Kiss (2010)

Second Kiss (2010)

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1616637676 (ISBN13: 9781616637675)
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About book Second Kiss (2010)

In this book, Palmer very expertly captured the awkwardness and crazy emotions that come with being a teenager. Second Kiss was a good book, but it wasn't a great one. I found Gemma very annoying at times because she would act so...immaturely. She would always get herself into situations from which she would find herself magically out of because of Jess. Jess, I felt, was more of a protector rather than a boyfriend. While I did notice the chemistry between Jess and Gemma, it was very awkward for me, almost like a a young kid going out with an adult. I think this book would be more suitable for tweens or young teens, but certainly not for more mature teens or young adults. I know there are a lot of similar genres to this book but the author did such a great job on attaching the reader to the characters that once it finishes we couldnt get enough of it. No choice but to read again. Good thing I read Second Kiss in 2012 so I just had to wait a year for the unexpected sequel. It would have killed me to wait for 3 years. Second kiss ended pretty good so I thought the author wanted it to stay that way. Great book in my opinion. Bought the sequel literally from Palmer herself. Lovin' it.

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Loved it! It was even better knowing that I personally know the author! Thanks Natalie!

Meh. Puedo tener un Jess?:(


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