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Second Star To The Right (2013)

Second Star To The Right (2013)

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0991097505 (ISBN13: 9780991097500)
Mary Alice Monroe

About book Second Star To The Right (2013)

I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did. I don't normally do romances, but since this had a magical element, it was really appealing. The only trouble I had is with how perfect physically the main protagonists were. This seems typical of most romances. It was refreshing not to have all the usual steamy sex (not that I really mind this). It was about friendship, faith, and burgeoning love. Very disappointed. There is great potential here in this story - who doesn't love the idea of a little magic, a little faith, to bring people together? Who doesn't know someone who needs to grow up a little more, who needs to remember the magic of childhood, who needs to act a little more their age or who has embraced their age a little too well? All these characters are here in this book, but too often their interactions seem clumsy and contrived, and too often the author sort of clobbers us with insight into these people and situations. I very nearly didn't finish this book, but it is a sweet story if you are not particular about the telling of it.

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Loved it. A modern love story combined with one of my favorite childhood fairy tales.

Oh bless its heart. This is not the book for me. Lots of by the numbers writing.

Awesome. Loved the characters.

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