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Secret Daughter (2010)

Secret Daughter (2010)
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0061922315 (ISBN13: 9780061922312)
William Morrow
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Secret Daughter (2010)
Secret Daughter (2010)

About book: WONDERFUL book!!!! Exquisite prose! Great exploration of the tensions and ties between daughters and mothers and grandmothers and in-laws and cousins. Delved into the dynamics of infertility and adoption and giving up a child. Frosted it with the challenges of an intercultural marriage. This one will stay with me. My only disappointment was that I would have liked a fuller picture and interaction with the grandfather. I liked the story a lot, and the characterization is quite good, providing reasons to think about ethnic differences in families,including adopted children. Excellent descriptions of the different classes of people in India and the Hindu rites and traditions. The conclusion was a bit of a disappointment. Are we led to believe that everyone lived happily ever after as a solid family? Perhaps they gained greater respect for their individuality and could allow each other space to do their own thing. I think I might start practicing yoga.
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what a let down. i would have given more stars if the author did not purposely tease the reader.
Very good read for folks like me who have no information on India. Nice story also. Loved it
great cross culture book, looking at adoption, and rejection of girls in other cultures.
I loved this story! I had tears in my eyes!
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