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Secret Vampire (1996)

Secret Vampire (1996)

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About book Secret Vampire (1996)

Sweet. That is one word that describes this book. The characters were sweet, the romance was sweet, etc. Still, do not let that word fool you. This isn't some childish fairy tale, or one of those cheesy romances with no story or depth behind them, despite the corny covers with bad hair cuts and scary witch-like villains which do not appear in the story.Now, I could - should? - write a small summary of the story, but the premise is right there. So I won't. Instead, enjoy a nice photo of a cat, and then scroll past this kitten to see the rest of the review. Since this is the first review I've ever really done, I'm breaking it up into sections, so I can get organized and not babble about irrelevant things half the time, like Poppy's hair. Which I love. Characters-Poppy North: Poppy was an interesting character for me to read and think about. She wasn't like a lot of other heroines, but there were a few things that irritated me about the female protagonist- well, only two, really. One of those things, and the main problem I had with the story, was the fact that Poppy was helpless and dependent on James, and James only. Occasionally, she was also ruled by her brother, Phil, and manipulated by James's cousin and the love of my life, Ash. Either way, the men in Poppy's life seemed to be the ones who made the decisions for her, had to go and save her, and do, well, everything, for her. I'd give her credit for deciding to leave James on her own, but since that backfired anyway, I won't. Still, personality wise, Poppy was refreshing. Buoyant, spirited, energetic and sweet as a cupcake, Poppy was fun to read about. Her enthusiastic attitude and her innocent demeanor was really a breath of fresh air, to say the least. I also liked that L.J. Smith expanded on Poppy's hobbies and likes, talking quite a bit about her unique taste in music, even if that was quickly forgotten later on. -James Rasmussen: Okay. I have mixed feelings about James, except no matter what, I still love this guy. His love towards Poppy is apparent throughout the story, even if he doesn't ever really outright state them. It's obvious he cares for her, and aside from that, he's a very sweet, chivalrous person. He may be a bit stoic and serious, but he's also exceedingly considerate and caring. He's got his good points, and he's got his bad. He's very realistic, to me, in this way, and it's refreshing not to meet a boy in YA fiction who is hot, a jerk, and nothing else. -Phil North: I enjoyed his character, even though I don't usually get along with straight-laced people like him. Though he lacked a serious sense of humor and his attitude seriously annoyed me, I still think he was a good character, and he only got on my nerves because of my personal taste and not because he was a bad person. Despite not always getting along with his sister, he cares deeply for her, just like in any other brother-sister relationship. He is there for her through every tough thing she faces in this book, and he reacts to things the same way many people - including myself - in real life would. Even if I wouldn't get along with him, I still have to say he's definitely a great character. And it was nice that family was actually integrated into the story, for once.

Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comPoppy North is a typical sixteen-year old--she gets through school by being smarter than her teachers; likes to irritate her straight-laced twin brother, Phil; listens to New Age and techno music; has a secret crush on her best friend, James; and wakes up on the first morning of summer vacation before her senior year of high-school with nothing more paramount on her mind than what she can do with an entire summer spent with James. Until the pain in her abdomen, which has steadily been increasing, working its way around to her back, keeping her awake at night, and causing her to lose weight, sends her to the doctor. Who then sends her to the hospital for tests. Where doctors then inform her that she has pancreatic cancer--the kind that will kill you within three weeks to three months. Poppy, of course, isn't ready to die. Watching the reaction of her family--twin brother Phil, her mother, and step-father Cliff--only brings the truth closer to home. Poppy is going to die, there's nothing anyone can do about it, and it's going to be painful. Except there is someone who can do something about it. James Rasmussen, her best friend from El Camino High School, her secret crush, a boy who now tells her something impossible--he's a lamia, a boy who was born a vampire, a member of the Night World, and he can change Poppy into a vampire to avoid certain death. Of course Poppy doesn't believe him at first, but then what choice does she have? There's always been something different about James, and now she knows exactly what the difference is. So she agrees to become a vampire, knowing she'll have to leave her family behind, but knowing it's the only way to avoid certain death. What follows is a fast-moving, interesting story about Poppy's immersion into becoming a vampire, the toll it takes on her brother, Phil, who finds out what they're doing, and the danger it puts James in. Because there are only two rules of the Night World: Never let the humans know it exists, and never fall in love with one of them. James has broken both of those rules. What a great start to the Night World series! Towards the end of the book we meet some other interesting characters, which I'm guessing will play major roles in future books, so I can't wait to get started on the next read.

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Wow! I was not expecting that ending. All I can say is plot twist. I loved the ending even though it's not what I was expecting.My opinion of the book is Very Good. The only thing it has the same with Twilight is vampires, romance, and suspense. People judge a book by it's cover and title because if it has the word vampire in it they think Twilight.I just want other people to try to read it and see if they like it. I personally think the book is very good.I suggest you read it because it is a very good read. It has a good plot, which I will get to after this, and I think you will be as entranced as I was when I read this. Poppy and James's story will make you feel happy and like that awww moment through the whole book.The setting is in San Francisco. Poppy and James met when they were kindergarten. They grew up to be best friends.Poppy has always liked James as more than a friend but he has never thought of her like that. You see James is a vampire. There are laws saying that night people vampires, werewolfs, and witches are not allowed to fall in love with humans. James has broken that law before and the person he loved died.

Gosto da forma como a autora escreve, tornando a leitura fluída, agradável, sentimos realmente alguma ligação com as personagens, embora inicialmente tivesse tido uma certa reticência relativamente à Poppy (não sei se efeito da tradução, que me pareceu mais estranha nas primeiras páginas). Mas depressa ultrapassei esse handicap, sentindo-me muito solidária para com a doença da Poppy e a condição de morte iminente que a mesma trouxe. O dilema enfrentado não me pareceu realmente um dilema, nem para a Poppy, pois quem escolhe morrer perante a possibilidade da vida eterna?Porém, o dilema não se revestiu apenas desta faceta, mas para saberem mais terão que ler o livro! :-)Não é o livro mais denso que já li (de todo!), a história é relativamente simples e, quando o Ash aparece e diz “eu sou mau!”, juro que vi qualquer coisa do Damon ;-) Não que eu me importe :-)Ler mais em
—Sandra Ponte

MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book!I own 9 books of Night World so it was just about time I get to read them. I didn't really expect anything, I know L.J.Smith style of writing, I love it but it's rare for it to be mind blowing. Except in Vampire Diaries of course. While reading the book I actually realized that I have read it a very long time ago. I did not remember much or how the story is gonna end but it felt like deja vu very ofter.THE WORLD: The everyday surrounding world is just like ours. But there is another world that people do not know about. And it is the Night World. It is full of vampires, witches and werewolves...I assume there are more but so far in book one we are only introduced to them. I always liked L.J. Smith for her ability to write about this type of world. The vampire in this book are of focus but they are not something blah. They are powerful and have advanced senses. They need human blood to survive and I actually very much liked how this need for human blood was explained in the book.CHARACTERS: Poppy is the main character in this book. I really have an issue with the name but other than that she is rather likable character. She is just cute. Her best friend is James, he is the dark vampire who tries to help Poppy when she gets third stage pancreatic cancer. However, Poppy's twin brother Phil does not trust James. To be honest, the characters in this book are very simple.LOVE: James is Poppy's best friend. Poppy is in love with James. James does not return Poppy's feeling. At least till she gets cancer. In the end they are soulmates and in love. Very simple.PLUS: This book had witches. I love witches!PLUS II: As most L.J.Smith books it was a very easy read. Like a one afternoon book really. Maybe that is why I didn't remember a whole story even I read it in my life before. MINUS: It was actually a little bit weird how this book was structures. About 80% of this book is about Poppy becoming a vampire. Then in last 50 pages a villain is introduced. In last 20 pages the villain is busted and it all end very happy ending. Just strange story building.MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book!

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