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Seducción Al Amanecer (2010)

Seducción al amanecer (2010)
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Seducción Al Amanecer (2010)
Seducción Al Amanecer (2010)

About book: I really disliked this book. Win is really kind and sweet, but her love interest, Kev, was such a dolt. I found him utterly unlikeable and felt that she deserved so much better than him. He is rude and a brute who bullies people around my physical force. He growls like an animal to scare people away from courting her even though he doesn't have the balls himself to go after her and even after rejecting her, he'll still try to scare off other guys. I hated him so much because he cannot behave himself in public. He doesn't fit anywhere and Win deserves better than him. She only had a handful of love interests in this book, but surely a woman as pretty and kind as her can get better prospects than Kev! This book is also way too repetitive. By the 5th time I read about how Kev was raised like an animal, I had no more sympathy or pity for him. I was bored of reading his past story over and over again. I'm surprised I actually finished the book when there were many times I was exasperated and had to put the book down because I was bored. I guess I finished it for the sake of finishing it and the writing was not bad. The plot was just boring. I also felt like the love story in this book was very weak and the author did not have enough material to make a whole book based on Win and Kev. The book deviates from time to time to focus on Cam and Amelia or Leo and the governess. Then a book branches out in so many directions, I always feel like those chapters are filler to meet some kind of page quota. 4.5 starsKev Merripen, the brooding Gypsy taken in by the Hathaway family after nearly drying in a Gypsy hunt, has loved the beautiful, fragile Win Hathaway for as long as he's known her but has never believed himself worthy of her. Now Win has returned healthy and strong after two years at a clinic in France and she's determined to find out whether the man she loves feels the same. This was a deeply emotional, beautifully written novel that had me on the verge of tears for most of it. The characters' pain and passion bleed through onto every page. Merripen is a tortured hero of the first caliber and, frustrating as insistence that he doesn't deserve Win may be, the demons from his troubled past eventually help explain his actions. Moreover, you'll find yourself cheering when he finally overcomes them. Win is wonderfully sweet and strong, more than the pale fainting maidens of Gothic novels that others may think she resembles. The other members of the Hathaway family are just as delightful--part of the great appeal of this series is how fully developed and likable the supporting characters are, and the endless love and support of the family for one another. Finally, this book never takes the easy way out, treating each challenge in Win and Kev's relationship with the thoughtfulness and complexity that it deserves. Kleypas' evocative and graceful writing makes each passage distinctive and keeps the reader hooked from the very first page to the very last. Highly recommended for anyone who likes a good love story and is ready to sob their way through it.
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Loved it!!!! I'm not great at reviews but I really did love this book possibly best out of the Lisa Kleypas books I've read (all the Wallflowers and Suddenly You). Maybe it's because I already knew all the characters and was attached to them, even the glimpses of the Wallflowers characters (Annabelle and Mr. Hunt). But I think also this book had a lot of really well thought-out plot. I don't know if the author makes up these whole interconnected story lines before she sets out or if she just falls in love with a character and decides to write a book about them. I loved Win and Kev so much!!!! So much so that I'm actually hoping to maybe see more of them in a series about Kev and Cam's sisters??? No??? I haven't read the following Hathaway books so I don't know if they're mentioned but hey it could be a good idea.Now on to Book # 3!!!!
Emily Bronte-Uğultulu Tepeler'in Heathcliff'i Merripen olmuş. Aynı ciddi, az konuşan, aksi adam. Ama Heathcliff gibi kötü değil (Win'i kaybetmesi halinde kötüleşme potansiyeli taşıyor diyelim). Catherin, Win olmuş, daha uysal, daha sevgi dolu, ne istediğini bilen, aşkı için mücadeleyi göze alabilen bir kadına dönüşmüş. Sosyal sınıf farklılıkları, erkeğin bu sınıf farklılığından dolayı kadından uzak durmaya çalışması ama aşkının azalacağı yerde giderek artması da Uğultulu Tepeler'i kuvvetle çağrıştırıyor. Tabi bu bir romance ve mutlu sonla bitmesi gerek o nedenle ne Win başkasıyla evleniyor ne de Merripen habis, öfke dolu bir adama dönüşüyor... Uğultulu Tepeler'in mutlu sonlu versiyonunu okumuş kadar oldum. Çok güzeldi.
I absolutely LOVED this story! It's one of my new favorites. I have enjoyed this entire series!
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