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Seduce Me At Sunrise - Rayuan Di Pagi Hari (2010)

Seduce Me at Sunrise - Rayuan Di Pagi Hari (2010)

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About book Seduce Me At Sunrise - Rayuan Di Pagi Hari (2010)

4 1/2 Stars!!!I KNEW I would devour this story. When I was introduced to Merripen and Win in the first book I already felt a connection and became invested in their story! And I was right. I LOVED it. I REALLy loved these characters. I love a tortured and brooding male with inner emotional turmoil. And I LOVE how much he loves Win. I LOVE how he protects her and is aware of her at all times. How he worries and watches out for her. Even when she's SICK he is in love with her. The things he does for her... Just SO sweet. And I loved how honest and shameless Win was. I love how she threw herself at Merripen in the beginning before she leaves for treatment. And how he almost gives in... So hot. I REALLY loved how they reunited... Double hot. And all of the back and forth between them is SO torturous. Lisa really knows how to lay on the anticipation. I ADORED them together, and everything that unfolds. I loved getting an answer to Cam and Kev's mysterious tattoos and finding out about their connection and pasts. Very cool. I'm also already interested in Leo and Ms March... She's so stuck up and already detests him SO much... I can tell I'm going to like their story. The reason for 4 1/2 stars instead of 5:Well, I thought about it long and hard. And I did love this story so much... But I thought about Westcliff and LIllians story from the Wallflowers series (5 star) and I don't feel like this story, as much as I loved it, quite matched up... There were a couple of things that bugged me just a tad... One, It kinda bugged me that in both stories the "other men" were both "bad guys"... Amelia's old suiter was trying to rob them of their family treasure and possibly kill Cam... And Win's doctor friend that wants to marry her killed his former wife, and tried to kill Meripen... I don't know, it just seemed too cliche and silly to me... Also, I hate to say this... But I think Lisa needs to pull back on the love scenes a bit. They are some of the best I've ever read... But I get bored if they drag on too much or if there are too many of them... And I felt like in both books they could have been dialed back a bit... These are tiny complaints, and don't take hardly anything away from the story. This was pretty darn good for me. I definitely recommend this book and the whole series. Awalnya aku membaca sinopsis ini membuatku sama sekali tidak penasaran untuk membacanya; Win yang menyukai Merripen yang berusaha untuk bersamanya. Walau semua HR seperti itu namun rasanya jalan untuk mereka bersatu itu sangat tertebak--tapi aku salah, well tidak juga dengan banyaknya perdebatan (yang lebih kusukai dari pada kesalahpahaman) yang terjadi. Bisa melihat sosok Win dan Kev yang tidak mereka perlihatkan pada semua orang itu sangat menyenangkan dan benar-benar menarik untuk melihatnya. Win yang tadinya lemah namun begitu kesehatannya membaik ia melepaskan sikapnya yang menggoda dan berani kepada Kev. Hanya saja yang tidak aku suka adalah sikap Kev yang begitu keras kepala bahwa ia tidak mempunyai apa-apa. Benar-benar pria dengan harga diri tinggi. Juga sangat romantis! Astaga...Lalu mengenai dia yang tidak punya apa-apa kini menjadi pewaris kaya dan mampu memberikan posisi pada Win. Hanya demi Win. Astaga...

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merripen and winnifred fell in love at 1st sight back from the time they were kids. merripen was a hard and very damaged lil boy but when he met winnifred, he met his other half, the better part of his soul. winnifred was the sweet and good-natured blond beauty. the author actually described us how their love blossomed over the years! i was so absorbed even with the family intrigue and i liked the entire hathaway family. they were really one bunch of gorgeous people! the book lost 1 star for me only coz of merripen's reluctance to marry winnifred and he did not stand up for her when they were caught in a compromising situation! i understand he loved her above everything else, above himself, above his love, above his need for her! but reluctance can go so far and so far! neway, this is one lil treasure not to be missed! i absolutely loved every page!:D

Me gustó el libro, pero he de admitir que había veces en la que la historia me aburría un poco. El romance entre los dos protagonistas me gusto y al mismo tiempo también me desesperaba como actuaban. De hecho, hay otras dos personas de las cuales estaba un poco más interesada en esta historia, pero para eso tendré que leer el cuarto libro de esta saga. Me gustó la manera en que Lisa nos narra y describe las cosas.

Também adorei este livro, pois sou fã desta série!

3.5-4 starsthat last 20% was a rollercoaster ride.

807 - 2014

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