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Seduced By Shadows (2009)

Seduced By Shadows (2009)

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I definitely didn't like it as much as the first book in Jessa Slade's Steel Born series. I wanted more... more precise descriptions, more details, more sexy scenes, more explicit scenes, more texture, more emotion... just more. It is an interesting world that she's building here, and I hope this series gets more in depth with that. I'm looking forward to getting to know more of the characters too. I have the next book already, so I'm in for at least one more installment. :) This story focuses on Sera Littlejohn, the first female possessed by a demon. She is thrown into a world of demons and angels that she never knew existed and she learns how this possession has changed her life forever. What I loved-Jessa Slade's view on demons and angels. I like the idea of a warrior class of demons, the talyan or repentant demons, try to control darker demons from raging on humans. My favorite scene is a simple conversation between Sera and her angel bound friend. I loved Sera and Archer from the very beginning and knew their story would be a challenge for each of them to realize what they had together.What I struggled with: I loved the idea behind the story but it took me almost half way through the audio version before I really enjoyed the story.Audio version-The narration started out very choppy and at times the subtle changes in her voice for characters seemed to blend. I think by the end of the audio she found her groove and the story flowed better. I will say, the main evil character, a dijinn named Corvis, he just sounded evil. And I do believe the first book in any series can be a challenge, the world building and character development is essential to set the stage for the series. Overall, I enjoyed the story and will listen to more in this series.

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Not your ordinary book about demons... these ones are damned but are still fighting anyway.

DNF. moves too slow and is way to metaphysical with all the demons and realms.

It's a solid start to a new series... Can't wait for the next one!

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