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Seducida En La Oscuridad (2014)

Seducida en la Oscuridad (2014)
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Seducida En La Oscuridad (2014)
Seducida En La Oscuridad (2014)

About book: I've never been on a more confusing roller coaster of emotions in my life! This book encompasses everything from happiness, lust, excitement, to pure sadness, human instinct, and absolute rage towards characters (then the next page, you love them). I couldn't put the Dark Duet down and when I did, it's all I wanted to think about "What was next!?" I high suggest those thinking about reading this book to take a step back, evaluate all of your beliefs in human instinct and the need for love and dominance. Then, forget it all. Be willing to learn and understand what the book is trying to portray.*NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR THOSE WHO CANNOT SEPARATE FICTION AND NON-FICTION....and maybe not for those who have medical conditions, this is a roller coaster of a story. First off, can I just say what a gorgeous cover this book has?I'm so conflicted with this book!! For the first 70% or so, I wasn't really enjoying it, and was ready to give it a 2/3 star rating. I didn't see how it could change and suddenly be incredible. But then from that point on, wow. I loved it. I just found for the first 70% it was a bit like WTF is going on?! And Caleb was particularly cruel too, but then we had big bombshells and other stuff happening (I'm not going to give any spoilers) and it was amazing. It all came together.There has to be credit though to the author, somehow, despite not enjoying it much to begin with (was too confused), I was completely captivated. There are some books I've loved, really loved. But they didn't captivate me, there was no book hangover. This book is gives you the kind of book hangover that lasts for a long time. This is a book that irrespective of whether you're enjoying it all or not, you *will* keep reading because it's too hard to put down.Onto the epilogue!!
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Kinda got old - nothing new really happens in the 2nd book.
INCREDIBLE!! Best book I've ever read hands down!
LOOOOVE this book- need to process b4 I review
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