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Seize Me (2013)

Seize Me (2013)

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Awesome but too pocketbooky. The style of the concept. Anyway, Lana died. Oopps! Shouldn't have said that without saying spoiler alert. But what can I say? I just can't hold it in you know. The ending was good. The change in Winter wasn't really noticeable, it was like she was always the same character not some prude someone who became a devil girl. She was always like devil girl. That's how I interpret her. With Brax, dude he sucked when he fucked that Dizzy girl and got jealous with Pyro and Winter. That ain't proper. And fucking Dizzy even though Winter said he can, was not something that is acceptable in the story. I don't know the sense of it but there was parts there that shows that Brax loves Winter more. Though at the end he seems torn between the two (at the gunfight massacre). Weird shit. I did like this book but two things kept me from rating it higher:1. this MC let the women totally run the club, although it is behind the scenes that they are doing so. The men do what the women tell them to do and they let the women take part in club business. I'm all for girl power, but it ruins the image that the men in this book are supposed to be dominant and all that good stuff.2. the whole "my angel" "my baby" crap that Braxxon keeps on with when he is referring to Winter. It is over the top and makes him seem like a push over which leads back to my number one reason. Overall, the storyline was good and there was lots of action throughout the book.

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Wow this is one hardcore biker series !!! Keep me on the edge loved it

DNF I could not get through this book!

DNF at 15% in



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