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Sempre O Diabo (2011)

Sempre o Diabo (2011)

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About book Sempre O Diabo (2011)

Donald Ray Pollock is the most powerful author I have read in a long time. His plots are intricate and woven deftly. His writing style is flawless and his characters are spell binding. A caveat: Pollock's characters for the most part are despicable and without redeeming value. The one that I felt the most connection to found himself in a situation that evolved into out of bounds behavior. Nevertheless these scoundrels grab your interest and won't let go. This book is not for everyone. It is dark, violent, filthy, and sad. The characters are despicable and twisted. The depiction of the world is one-sided at times, steering clear of any trace of light or hope. This is not something that tends to drive me away (I like a good, dark story), but this book is extreme, even for twisted minds.That said, there were things I really liked about the book. Eyes of characters seemed to peer at me from the page, and some scenes haunt me still. Well done, if that is your thing. I did have to put it down a few times and take a break for a day or two, mostly because the level and focus were so disturbing at times (without much contrast) that it broke my interest or believability. But I always came back to read more, because the characters - as messed up as they were - demanded it. I would not recommend it to most people because of its intensity, but if disturbing is your thing, then this is your book.

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An entertaining and horrifying romp. This is a book my mom would hate. Alright see ya

A really horrible story with a pretty happy ending!

Excellent story. Page turner, very dark.

This book is not for the faint of heart.

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