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Sense Of Urgency, A (2008)

Sense of Urgency, A (2008)
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Sense Of Urgency, A (2008)
Sense Of Urgency, A (2008)

About book: If you have a new leadership position in a slow moving company, read this. Hopefully that position is CEO, because otherwise it's very difficult to implement this vision of urgency, a feeling that I think comes naturally for any truly entrepreneurial person.I've been in a slow moving company, and even though I reported to the CEO, no matter what I did to bring the outside in, to creae urgency, my group could not overcome the friction of a "non-urgent culture".If you're the CEO, sell off the cash cows, or at least create divisions so that profitability is difficult to achieve and bring in new management. Urgent will happen.If your a middle manager thinking that your going to change your entire organization this way, even if the CEO is a strong ally, temper your expectations for the scope and lasting nature of the urgency you'll be able to create. I rated the book a 3 and not a 4 because, while I agree with the underlying message, Kotter was unable to motivate me to do anything. One of his key points is that in order to lead people, you must have an equal (and perhaps greater) focus on the heart as opposed to the head. His writing style just didn't do that for me. Other points seemed a bit obvious to me, like identifying the people that can accelerate urgency vs. block it, and "bringing the outside in". In my experience, all that he says is true, but this wasn't a game changer for me.
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Makes you realize how much a false sense of urgency dictates most of your life's business.
Excellent business read. Saw Mr. Kotter at the 2009 SHRM convention.
Simple to the point ideas and tactics to action upon.
Title is good but contents do not convince
one of the very best I read! its awesome!
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