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Sentiment Lost (2000)

Sentiment Lost (2000)

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Oh my goodness. That was insane and pretty awesome. I read the original AWNC and wanted to keep going. I am so happy it was on fiction press. I really had no idea what to expect, but I knew I was going to love Jace and it did not disappoint me. I loved that it was so long, loved the crazy that went on in Maya's head, I loved the many characters and the mysteries and how everything was woven. It was an epic read. All of the twists toward the end were pretty amazing too. I want to read the 3rd one, so I really hope she wrote it (or writes it) because I would like more!! I loved the supernatural bit in the end too. Crazy. My only issue was a few biblical references that weren't quite right. It wasn't really edited, but that didn't bother me. I like Tijan books; I've read over half a dozen, including the first book in this series. The author writes new adult/young adult in the vein of mafioso dramas and it's hilarious and ridiculous and damn entertaining. This is the first Tijan book I didn't like. I was prepared for the meandering plot-line and slew of extraneous characters, and usually if I don't like a book, I fume a bit and then move onto something else. What prompted me to write a review of this one, however, was the author's note at the end wherein she proclaims long and loud about her "vision." She explains that there was indeed foreshadowing, and this is always how the book was going to go. In my mind, if you really have vision, not to mention adequate forethought and foreshadowing, you wouldn't need to declare that it was there all along and those who criticize the lack of it just didn't see it or "get" it. From her author's note, I gather she's already received a healthy dose of criticism for this exact problem. In reality, this book is just lacking. It lacks causality, consistency, and most certainly, cogency. Simply, if you have to defend the mere existence of your "vision", you obviously did a poor job of delivering it. Tacking an author's note on the end will not suffice for what the book never had from the beginning: vision.

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I loved this book! cannot wait for the next one

Just like all Tijan's book...FABULOUS!!!

Amazing!!! This is 5 stars MUST READ!!!

Not what I expected but wow!

This book is awesome!

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