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Seven Wonders Book 3: The Tomb Of Shadows (2014)

Seven Wonders Book 3: The Tomb of Shadows (2014)

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About book Seven Wonders Book 3: The Tomb Of Shadows (2014)

Weaker than the other 2 books, but kids enjoyed its fast-paced action and continued development of the story. 2 weeks after finishing the book it took a few moments to even remember the outline of the plot, so do not count on it becoming a life-long favorite for anyone. However, if your kids liked Percy Jackson - this is a fair competitor. Get it from the library and enjoy a book to discuss with your 8-11 y.o. Confusing.Like the second book everything is a mess. WHO really is the enemy? Are they the Mass? Or the Karai Institute? The Massa though monks holds guns and are free with aggressiveness. They are the total image of antagonists. However, the KI didn't get my trust either. They obey from a secret leader named Omphalos. Isn't that suspicious? That even them do not know who they are working for. Like Canavar there are no ties bonded, there are no guarantee to his being after a while in the book he's been spreading the rumors of what he've seen with the Select.Another thing that I did notice is that this is the first book where the book ended without them going back to the hidden island. And the book started that Jack is thinking of his Mom just like how the book ended. HOWEVER, the most curious part is that Jack get caught because he is picking something that his mother dropped which I don't believe is an accident. I even have the theory that his mother did that because she had an argument with the other Massa and to gain back their trust she gave her son to them knowing that they won't hurt Jack because of the prophecy: the Destroyer shall Rule.

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5 star review. Will post here soon

sad ending aaahhhh

True rating : 3.5

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