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Seventh Grave And No Body (2014)

Seventh Grave and No Body (2014)

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1250045649 (ISBN13: 9781250045645)
St. Martin's Press

About book Seventh Grave And No Body (2014)

Okay, I admit it! Reading this series is like having a dirty little secret. It is so good that you want to tell your friends about it, but then you're, I'll just keep this one to myself. This book picked up where the last one stopped and just zoomed into action. It was fast-paced and wacky. At times, the story jumped around a bit, but that quirk only added to the speed of the story. There were some things about the story that were predictable, but there were spots in this that really blew me away. (NO, I will not say what they were!) This is such a good read. I can't wait to read the next one. Hint, hint, Ms. Jones, I need to read the next one..... Although I really liked this series at first, I am disappointed in this installment. The heroine, Charlie, shows no character growth and continues to act childishly even though she is now pregnant. You'd think she'd use a little common sense to protect the baby and not continue to ignore the sage advice of the other characters. I'm afraid her antics are starting to irritate me, however I gave this book three stars because the story was still interesting, and I have hope for the next volume. If that one continues down the same street, I will not read any others. One final comment: Ms. Jones used the word "affianced" ad nauseam. Surely she could have come up with a different word instead of using this one over and over again.

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This could have been a 3, but the battle scene at the end was worth an upgrade. Also, Osh.

Great book! Constant chaos, constant life ending danger, and a love story to boot!

Ah, can't wait for eight. Loved the pink cover, too!

Great read, Charley has certainly come a long way!

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