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Sex, Lies And Contracts (2012)

Sex, Lies and Contracts (2012)
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Red Sage Publishing
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Sex, Lies And Contracts (2012)
Sex, Lies And Contracts (2012)

About book: Sex, Lies and Contracts is a contemporary erotic romance with an interesting plot of lies and deceit and money and lack of it. The plot was entertaining with enough lies to mix the characters right up, which it did too, and made the novel an interesting read, even just to know what happened with Jack and Julianna. It was missing a little bit of reality I think and warmth of character but still a good read.The romance was both dominating and sweet, the bedroom scenes had plenty sizzle and control and the sweet side of romance was evident in the way Jack and Julianna got to know each other. The romance was missing just a bit of reality and some sweetness, but it seemed to build up to it.Probts writing was good and her ideas interesting which contributed to a generally good book, with some really steamy love scenes and one horribly twisted villain and one heroine breaking out of her shell.You'll like this if... you like rich guy pretending being poor to catch true love, and if you like your heroines coming out of their shell emotionally and sexually - and having one twisted villain hunting the heroine! I loved the story and the characters in this book. The author did a terrific job developing the characters and I found myself being emotionally involved in what was happening in each scene. Jack wants to find a woman that will marry him for love, not just because he's wealthy. Julianna wants to find a husband who has money to save her family home. These two are seeking different things in life even as they give in to their passion for each other every night. You can sense Jack's disappointment in Julianna as she continues her quest for her ideal husband even while she's falling in love with him. Another complication is Jack's cousin, Bryce, who's violent, deceptive, and sole purpose is to gain the family business over Jack. He enters into Julianna's life as a husband prospect without Jack's knowledge. I was at the edge of my pants with this development and was glued until the very last page.
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Good fast read. The editing needs help though!
okay read. nothing fancy about it.
Excellent quick read !!!!
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