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Sex, Murder And A Double Latte (2006)

Sex, Murder And A Double Latte (2006)
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Sex, Murder And A Double Latte (2006)
Sex, Murder And A Double Latte (2006)

About book: IQ "I am a spokeswoman for all people. Or at least all people with a slutty imagination." 10It's been a little while since I've giggled while reading a book so on that end this book did not disappoint. Sophie's biracial heritage is a part of her but doesn't define her and I thoroughly appreciated that and enjoyed the Jewish mother moments. However it was lacking in character development. It reminded me of Nancy Drew with having Sophie's best friends be cousins but I wanted some backstory on how they became friends, especially because the author seemed to go out of her way to make Mary Ann idiotic. Dena I understand although I'm wondering if the author had a real life Jason because it seems too crazy to make up...almost. I would also echo the other reviews on my disappointment with the gay hairdresser best friend but my hope is that in the next book he becomes more of a character and less of a caricature. I may be rusty when it comes to mysteries since I don't read them that often but I truly didn't see the end coming. Whether that's because the author picked a truly random character or expertly hid clues I'm not sure although I'm inclined to believe the former. Sophie is a wonderful narrator though, full of wisecracks that she both voices and keeps to herself. She's the kind of character who comes up with the snappy comebacks that you wish you had thought of in the moment as opposed to after. While this book did nothing to settle my nerves about eventually living on my own it was a nice romp through the world of chick lit mystery, a genre I've read very little of. If you want an engaging and quick mystery that wil make you laugh out loud pick this book up.

I love any book that has a kickass female lead. I saw this cover and couldn't resist. Granted, the female lead turned out to be not all the kickass, but not for lack of trying. Ladies and Gentleman, I have for you another author to watch.I believe that this book is currently out of print. I know that the audio version is downloadable for maybe 10 bucks on itunes. I am sure you can get it secondhand as well. Just know that I won't give you my copy!Kyra Davis writes like a pro. Her plot was engaging, exciting and well thought out. Her characters were likable, relateable and hilarious. This book is a breeze to read, but it doesn't lack depth as so many other Chick-Lit books seem to.Sex, Murder and a Double Latte stars Sophie Katz, a thriller novelist who finds that what she has written starts coming true! When a hot Russian guy, Anatole Darinsky, starts following her around, she wonders if he is eye candy, or a homicidal maniac.When Sophie finds that nobody believes her story, and she can't tell who is on her side the story gets really juicy. You won't figure this one out before the end, its got more than a few surprises up its sleeve.When you finish this one, there are 2 more in the series, with a 4th to be released in June.
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A Well Read Woman (April)
I was hooked on this book from the surprising long, (70 page), Google preview I read online. You wouldn't imagine my disappointment when trying to purchase the paperback, and learning that it was out of print. Fortunately, I was able to purchase this book USED for only a dollar from an independent seller on Ebay. It was well worth all the effort...Mystery writer Sophia Katz is convinced that a crazed killer has been letting himself into her apartment, rearranging her things. The police don't believe her, her hair dresser thinks she is being over imaginative, and her friends aren't buying it either. When her filmmaker friend is murdered in the fashion of his movie, Sophia believes there is a copy cat killer on the loose and she is next. She doesn't care what anybody thinks, she knows to trust her own instincts... But is the new man she is dating possibly the killer?Hilarious, sexy, fun, suspenseful, and witty. 5 stars!
OMG! this is the book that introduced everyone to the world of Sophie Katz. Once i read this book i was wanting more... then a while later i decided to search again and found Kyra had released 2 more Sophie novels... These books are the most amazing books i have ever read. I would even pick these over Twilight..and i love that series too. Kyra knows how to get you into the story and makes you want more and feel like you are right there as its all happening. It keeps you on your toes and guessing. You think you know the murder? think again! You will change your mind many times on who it is... BUT you will never have it right... This is the first book i have read more than once. I cant put it down even though i have read it and i know whats comming. i cant wait for the new book May 26th... Thank you Kyra for Sophie Katz...
Jessica Sinn (Chick Lit Cafe)
Part J.B Fletcher, part Miranda from Sex in the City, this sassy gumshoe is a fantastic female lead! Her witty one-liners literally had me laughing out loud, which can be rather awkward when smooshed between two people on an airplane! I especially enjoyed the witty banter between Sophie and her gang of sidekicks, which consists of a ditzey makeup artist, an endearingly sarcastic sex shop owner, a flakey artist who thinks he’s part vampire, and a fabulous gay hairstylist who just can’t let Sophie die until he can give her hair some new sexy highlights!Chock-full of zany, wisecracking characters, red herrings and (be still, my heart!) coffee stimulation – Sex, Murder and a Double Latte provides the perfect escape. If you’re a fan of the witty dialogue in Sex in the City (the show, not the movies) or the quirky characters in the Stephanie Plum mystery series, you’ll get a kick out of this one!
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