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Sexy In Stilettos (2012)

Sexy in Stilettos (2012)
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Sexy In Stilettos (2012)
Sexy In Stilettos (2012)

About book: Alec and Jaya...Book 1 in the Stiletto series.I really loved this couple the ode of opposites attract were really true in their case. Alec footless, fancy free and running from who he really is. Jaya OCD, list Queen, trying to get approvals.An unlikely pair more like oil and water but were totally sun, moon and stars. Alec and Jaya needed to let the other in, they were great together physically like spontaneous combustion. But heart wise they were tighter than Fort Knox. Heartache and pain causes people to withdraw behind a protective wall so high that they miss the one thing that can set them free to be amongst the land of the free and living.Reading about these two broke my heart because both scared and missing out on life, basically just existing. But love has a way of turning everything upside down. For Alec and Jaya that is what happened to them. The unexpected became the expected and these two got the love they so rightly deserve with each other.That bum derelict of an ex-fiancé got his just rewards, her conniving sister is saddled with him since she married him. Jaya and her father maybe on a road to recovery with their relationship. And Alec and Jaya got their HEA :-) The story was just good. I liked the characters especially Jaya, I would be freaking be so pissed and probably would have hit the jerk in the face for firing me, first he's a ex finance and now he's marrying your sister and fired you with your dads blessing. I think her dad needs his head examined too. Sexy Alec I liked his character too, his step mom wants his help and he reluctantly gives it but he's had enough of his brothers nonsense, he's got commitment issues or maybe just doesn't want it. Some parts rushed and not well developed but others good. I had mixed feelings with this story, I thought it was good or ok but not I can't put it down type of story. Thought it needed more...I thought Jaya 's sister a disaster and evil and Derrick too so they are perfect for each other. Jaya's friends are too funny. Over all the story ok, a little sexy, quirky and fun. 3.5 stars I thought all these books had something special and loved reading about their sexy, funny and loving relationships. Thank you to Kristine Cayne for allowing me the opportunity to read and review these amazing stories.
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A okay story/book but it could have been a lot better if had been edited a lot more.
Jaya and Alec were a handful. Loved their chemistry. Good read. 4.5 stars.
Quick quirky read- plus is was free!
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