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Sexy Surrender (2000)

Sexy Surrender (2000)

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>>I stumbled upon this first book when I was surfing the free books on the Amazon site… probably one of my favorite past times!... I was unsure of what to expect, other than a sexy, short read. I knew that I was going to have to purchase the next few books, but I figured I would give this one a go, and see how I felt when I was done.I was so excited to find a character that I could really connect with! Delilah is a curvy girl with a lifetime of self-esteem issues… surely anything a woman with any extra bulk can connect with. The ideal of beauty today is so hard to keep up with, so to read about someone who so truly loves herself anyway was a welcomed change.We meet Delilah having just found her husband sleeping with the PASTOR’S WIFE! Obviously she is heartbroken, she gave him everything and he has, as we find out, been sleeping with everyone, including her sister. This is the starting point of Delilah’s story and what sends her out of the US with a one-way ticket to Rome. Here she meets Luca, the epitome of sexy Italian men. He has a huge heart and is introduced when she saves her bag from a mugger, and becomes her “Knight in Shining Armor”. Their relationship sizzles… and I mean sizzles… so sexy! Their feelings grow for each other, quickly I might add, and it scares Delilah… sending her fleeing…and into book 2. “After I found my husband boffing the church secretary, I got on a plane with a mission to get away from it all and figure out my life. Instead, I fell into the arms of sexy Italian wine-seller Luca, who rocked my world, and now I'm all kinds of confused. I can't get enough of him, but the intensity of our connection scares me. The incredible things he does to my body scares me, if only because I like them so very much.”Well I bought the final two books because I had to know how the story ended! (and let’s face it I deserved it after cleaning the house) >>After an emotional exploration into the side of love and sex that sends Delilah running, we are relieved to see Luca come after her. He once again saves her life. It is during this book that their relationship really takes a turn towards the serious side of things. She heads home with him to Florence to stay with his family, which only furthers her concerns that she is getting in too deep too quickly with this gorgeously sexy man. The relationship they have is one every girl wants. Luca utterly worships Delilah and everything about her. He has laid his heart on the line for this woman, that he has only known a few months, and knows she is his “one” but is trying to get her to understand it…. Which leads to her running… again… and into book 3.“I called, and Luca came. And then he came again, and I came with him. The problem isn't sex. The problem is love, and If I'm ready for it again so soon. “>>The final part of this story is absolutely wonderful. The last line of the previous book shows Delilah calling Luca from Paris… knowing she had made a terrible mistake running from him again. When he comes to her side he tells her he will not follow her again, if she runs this is over. This is really the moment that Delilah realizes, that while it has happened so fast, she needs Luca just like he needs her. Their relationship continues to be utterly sexy and slightly enviable. Thankfully, after some deep soul searching, Delilah finally does realize she loves Luca and races, by train, to the vineyard he is checking in on to tell him that. It is on this trip, Luca finally asks to spend the rest of their lives together. It is completed with an absolutely wonderful wedding and happy ending. >>I had hoped that there would be an additional book added to this series to give us an insight into how they are doing over there in Italy… maybe someday! I absolutely loved every part of these books. While they are very short they are oh so sexy and so enjoyable!For more reviews… check out my Book Blog!The Strange Musings of a Bookaholic..Smit5674.tumblr.comI post a new review every Monday and Friday!!Happy Reading…and May the Odds Be EVER in Your Favor! I just finished the Delilah's Diary series last night. What can I say? Jasinda Wilder never fails me, that's for sure! Once I started reading the first book, it was hard for me to put it down. I ended up reading the three books back-to-back. I love how Delilah's character was built and transformed from an innocence into adventurous without making her being such a wild slut. She could explore her sexuality to the place where she wouldn't even imagine with grace. She's still a sweet, loyal and beautiful person afterall. Although I've never been divorced *knock on wood*, somehow I can related to her confusion, her fear, and her low self-esteem due to the way of her upbringing, until Luca appeared. O' Boy, how can I'm not falling in love with Luca....... and Italy? (This series made me want to push my Europe trip to one of my top priorities :) ).Although, I wonder how Brad is doing, and what about her relationships with her 'make-over cavalry'. I also wonder if the series will continue (this is why I give 4 stars. I'll replace it with 5 when I know what will happen next. LOL). Again, (I'm sure I'll says it A LOT more!), thank you for your beautiful writing, Jasinda. Thanks for keep bringing up the sexy in me.

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Jasinda does it again! The diaries were just fun to read!!

Loved it, please let there be book 4

Fun read.

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