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Shadowrun 18: Worlds Without End (1995)

Shadowrun 18: Worlds without End (1995)
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0451453719 (ISBN13: 9780451453716)
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Shadowrun 18: Worlds Without End (1995)
Shadowrun 18: Worlds Without End (1995)

About book: I hate to give low rating to a book, I respect too much the of the author but this book was really not for me. At least I read it completely (reserve 1 start for book I don't have courage to finish).Spector writing isn't the problem, it's the plot and the world. It's not my first Shadowrun novel and for me Shadowrun universe is battle beetween Megacorps or shadowrunner adventures in a high-tech futuristic world... World without End didn't give you this feeling at all. Characters are immortals elfs who didn't like technologies so you don't really have feeling to read a Shadowrun novel, it could be any universe.The plot is simple, an ancien Enemy, demon from another plane, find a door in the wolrd and haunted Aina, immortal outcasted powerful elf. She tried to gain help from other Immortals to face the menace but no one agree so she face the demon for a final 1 page battle.For me, it's more a big sourcebook for the RPG then a novel to read. You have a lot of info on the elf society but action is boring. And since they are Immortal, half the book is flashback from the past that bring nothing to the non-existing main intrigue. In the author note in the end, she talks about 2 other Earthdawn novel with the same characters so maybe it's better is you have read this book... maybe they explains why some characters seem to hate each other and what terrible thing they have done... So again, not recommended to read this one only if the two other are available because by itself this book is boring, half-flashback and poor main intrigue. Even if I repeat myself, it's really a sourcebook with characters background info that bring nothing to the story.
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