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Shadowrun 32: Wolf And Raven (1998)

Shadowrun 32: Wolf and Raven (1998)

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About book Shadowrun 32: Wolf And Raven (1998)

Shadowrun novels are a popcorn thing for me, and this book is even more so. The world is the selling point for me. It's 2067 and high-tech has been met with the return of magic. Cybernetic street mercs fight spell-casting shamans against a background of scheming dragons and corporate black ops. The denizens of this world who are willing to run deniable missions for corporate and secretive agencies are called shadowrunners. They're street samurai, shadow mystics, killers and courriers, working for the highest bidder... or the lowest. As many runners do what they do for personal reasons as do for nuyen, the currency of the world.Wolf is a shapeshifter - a lycanthrope to be specific. He's been running with a doctor named Raven who brought him in and saved his life, and this book is a collection of short stories involving the two. Guest appearances from the world's most munchkinned street sam also feature in this in the form of Kid Stealth. Wolf takes on an assortment of corporations, cartels and even big league baseball in this off the wall collection of Shadowrun stories.The book is fun - a lot of fun - hence its rise above the 3-star rating most pulp books of this type get. If you want an intriguing world it's for you, and if you like werewolves, so much the better.

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