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Shadows In The Silence (2013)

Shadows in the Silence (2013)

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0062002392 (ISBN13: 9780062002396)
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About book Shadows In The Silence (2013)

In the history of love triangles there were good ones: a Tale of Two Cities taught us that love can make you a hero (for some people at least), the Infernal Devices told us that it´s okay to love two equally wonderful persons and in the Vampire Diaries (TV Show, again!) you can see that Damon Salvatore is one fine guy. There also were bad ones (*cough* Twilight *cough*). And woah, this one belongs to the latter. Of all the LT I´ve come across lately this is one of the most unnecessary. First of all, Cadan and Will being brothers is enough of a complication for their relationship. They were enemies, for God´s sake. Suddenly having a brother (you ought to kill lately) is pretty much to handle. Secondly, Cadan (and it hurts to say this) is too much of a secondary character and then, it is so unbelievable. As if Ellie was the reason for Cadan to become good. He had it in him for a long time. If Cadan just were her friend, like Marcus, it would´ve been so much better. So much more believable. Cadan tailing Ellie puppy- eyed doesn´t fit him at all and is in contrast to his easy going, smartass personality (which means, it annoyed me a lot). It was just plain stupid, so stupid. Beside this the 3rd book was the best of the series. Because of the wild chase all around the world for various relics and people (Hello, Indiana Jones. I so love treasure hunts.), the story was really thrilling and never got boring. I liked Ellie better with every instalment (though she really can´t appreciate good jokes. Ethan Stone WAS funny.) and – because I failed to mention it until now – Kate is awesome. The ending was pretty epic, Hollywood style, with a lot of special effects and a dramatic last scene (all that in Israel! Way to stage an apocalyptic battle.). So yep, I really liked it. There have been very few book series over the years that I have dreaded the last book because I didn't want it to end. This is one of those. I'm a hopeless romantic so I love angst/romance stories and this trilogy had that and them some. The characters were rich and well written. Some of the best action/battle scenes I've read in a long time. I picked this series up at the library on a whim when I needed something new to read. This is one I will buy and reread. The only negative I can say about Angelfire series was it was a little heavy handed at times with the angel lore. Otherwise a wonderful read.

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I love this book!!!!!!! Its so amazing.I love that its a fantasy,romance,adventure.

amazing. Just amazing

love it


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