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Shadows On The Stars (2006)

Shadows on the Stars (2006)

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Very good, just like the first one! I'm so incredibly anxious to start the third, so I'll try and d...more Very good, just like the first one! I'm so incredibly anxious to start the third, so I'll try and do something drastically out-of-the-ordinary and keep things brief! What I really liked... - Characters. I love the MC so very much! Tamwyn is an excellent main character because though he's imperfect, he's good *enough* and still likeable. His journey is one of self-discovery and realizing his potential - a "right of passage" story that is so sweet and fun to read. You just can't help but cheer him on! The supporting characters are just right - they have their own contributions to the overall story, but they don't usurp the position of the MC. They're an important aspect of the ensemble, but they *are* the ensemble. They're in the perfect position. - Vivid scenery/descriptions. I cannot begin to describe how amazing this world is that Barron has created. Try thinking about a land made up of materialized wind and clouds. Or a series of islands in the middle of a rainbow ocean. Or trees that can walk, talk, and dance (like the ENTS! Only not...) - Excellent pacing. Never once does this 400+ story drag. You get the feeling that every sentence matters, every detail is there for a reason. This is not a fluff author and this is not a fluff book. There are multiple perspectives, but Barron is a master of the concept because he's able to transition so well without dwelling on one and forgetting another (for the most part...) What I liked slightly less, but still liked... - the villain. Okay, in intermediate fiction, I really would *rather* have a villain who's a little on the overtly bad side... I don't like "complex, complicated" villains in this type of setting. Let them be evil, let them be crazy! However... there were thing that the main villain did that were a little on the "classic Disney villain" list: talking to himself, laughing incessantly for no reason, wringing his hands together, talking to himself some more... Yeah. That's silly! - Some of the characters. Okay, I just flat don't like Scree. If there's a character who has to be sacrificed for the "greater good" in the third book, I hope it's him. He's what I would call "too flawed." Now, it's okay, because he's contrasted to Tamwyn, and Tamwyn is the main character that I care about, so yeah if Scree is a screwball, I'm not going to care that much...but it still bothered me a little bit. And Shim - the shrunken giant- gets on my nerves, pretty much because he talks *exactly* like Jar Jar Binks... *cringes* - Plot Revelations: Scree's story arc was very vague, and the perspective didn't follow him except like 3 or 4 times, and so it made his Shocker Moment kind of random and a little on the unbelievable side. Not to mention icky... I won't say any more, but yeah, that part of the plot really didn't work well for me. But hey, it was about Scree, and I don't like Scree, so whatever... So that's it. Okay, that was still pretty long, but I can't begin to say how great this series is! I was seriously tearing up in some parts, and I hear that The Eternal Flame is the most tearjerker one of all! Ahhh! *runs to check supply of Kleenex* Final Rating: 5/5. This is still an amazing book; even with the itty-bitty things I could think of, Shadows on the Stars is just as deserving of a 5-star rating as its predecessor. READ THESE BOOKS!(

I didn't read any other books in the series, first off, so that probably affects my review. I bought it because it looked interesting... and cheap ^.^Anyway, about the book. It has a nice story plot, but quite confusing at times because there are around 3 groups of split-off adventures all on their own path. There are a lot of characters that you have to familiarise with, fast, because later it gets really confusing with everybody in different places. The author has a way with beautiful descriptive words, and puts it to good use. It has many fantasy creatures, which may intrigue and draw in some readers while reflecting back others.I thought that even though the descriptive bits in there were really nice, they were unnecessary. They had nothing to do with the plot whatsoever, just bits of random places that looked amazing. Also, authors confine their main characters to, based on my experience, 6 at the maximum. In this book, there are a lot of main characters (the elf, the short giant, Merlin's heir, the human girl, Nuic, the hoolah, batty lad, (ish) the jester, Scree, the priest) which can be very confusing to keep up with.In terms of how much I wanted to keep reading, not very much. I finished this book a loooooong time after I started reading it, always reading new books from the library before it. I did feel like I wanted to read the book after this at the end, though. It has a very 'I want to keep reading!' sort of ending, but at the start and during the book, not so much.Overall I give this 2.5 out of 5. The author has some potential, but if only they could balance the priorities and put some twists in there. Tension needs to be worked on quite a bit. This is one of those books that you read if you have nothing else to read.

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Although I liked the first book better, this one wasn't quite as easy to predict. The main reason I'm griping is because this felt like some editor said gee, you'd better chop the rest of this into a third book. It built tension wonderfully, and then it was over. I can't really point to a climax. It felt like half a book. And the assassin character seemed really flat and disappointing. I hope he's not dead, or he died way too easily. There were many good things about the book, though. Descriptions were the strongest part, and the characters were maturing a bit from where they'd left off in the first book. It'll be interesting to see how the whole chain of events plays out. If you haven't read the first one, it's a really good idea to pick that up before reading this. Otherwise, Recommended.

In the second book of this fantasy trilogy, the group of friends split into three groups to pursue different quests. Elli, a young priestess, and her companions voyage to the Shadowrealm to destroy a dark crystal that the evil Rhita Gawr has created; Scree travels to an Eagle folk clan to claim vengeance for a friend’s death and Tamwyn travels up the Great Tree of Avalon to try to relight a constellation. Secrets are revealed and mystery abounds in the vast world of Avalon. With dynamic characters and fluid writing, Shadow on the Stars will be enjoyed by those interested in fantastical creatures, quests, magic, Merlin folklore.

The second book in T. A. Barron's "The Great Tree of Avalon Trilogy" builds onto its prequel, adding suspense and beauty to the tapestry that is Avalon. Mysteries both start and grow; destinies are found; romances start and face trials; and new characters enter the epic trilogy which was the first books I have ever read in all my 15 years of living to actually make me cry. The author builds onto his previously introduced characters and enters new ones. I loved the "shrunkelled" giant, Shim certa

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