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Shala (2004)

Shala (2004)

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Mauj Prakashan Gruh

About book Shala (2004)

1st thing 1st... this book reminds me of my school days. Being brought up in marathi medium school with same kind of friends and environment brings all memories come alive. This book involves a group friends with a macho man, an einstein, a street smart and mukund, who falls in love with his classmate, and their love story blossoms for a while. But i wish this story had a positive ending. Nevertheless a good book to read. A good & different story, Milindji has painted a nice picture of a boy in ix standard of the school which is his world, he has friends from the school, his teachers, his parents & his first love, somewhere each one of us has been through this memorable experience so we stick to the book like a gum, Mukund Joshi narrates the story from his point of view, you can easily relate almost all characters in your actual school life. Fantabulous novel & a must read

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This book will certainly take you back to your school it to live it :)

too good & remember my school days while reading.......

एकच शब्द...अप्रतिम

almost remebered all my school days


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