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Shards Of Us (2000)

Shards of Us (2000)
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Shards Of Us (2000)
Shards Of Us (2000)

About book: Well, I don't like the ending. That's all. I've read worse than this book, and I think this one is okay. I just don't like the ending. I also have a hard time falling for this 'sick' Hero who claims only want to protect the heroine yet did it in a super creepy way. I don't really feel the heroine too, because I find her a little bit annoying. But to be honest, I think this author have a potential. She just needs to working on her plot and editing. Looking forward to read her other work. The end was a little surprising....but then when you think about it, it really wasn't I don't really know what to say I expected more from this book (as u seem to be doing a lot lately) but I'm not disappointed in this book it's kind if like I expected it, yet I didn't. I don't know I guess I'm still confused. Ummm it wasn't a bad book it was just something you pick up to read when you're bored you know? My opinion though. You might love it.
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Not at all what I expected. I was a bit confused in the beginning, and felt myself skimming through.
I can understand how this was pulled from publication. Awful book.
The WEIRDEST book I've ever read!!!
4.5 stars!! Review to come
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