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Shark River (2002)

Shark River (2002)

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0425185214 (ISBN13: 9780425185216)

About book Shark River (2002)

Doc Ford is a Marine Biologist working/vacationing on Guava Key. He has been noticing to women pass his house every day regular as clock work and today the same. He takes off on his daily run when he see the women at their usual stopping place at the end of a pier where they stop to watch the sunset. Today though there is something added, two large men are approaching them and when one shows a gun, Doc takes action and hits him from behind, knocking him into the railing then when he sees a third man in a boat beside the pier he runs to the women and gathering them up bursts through the railing at the end of the pier as a shot rings out. The women get away and after a boat chase so do the assailments and Doc makes his way back to his house. Later when questioned by the authorities, Doc has little to say and offers no explanations wanting only to be left alone and out of the spotlight.A exciting beginning to a fairly interesting book of revenge and the appearance of a woman claiming to be his sister which adds a second thread to the story as they track down a legacy left to them by her father (and his Uncle it turns out). Easy read, nice local in the Everglades area of Florida.

I love the Doc Ford books that feature a whole buncha Tomlinson. I loves me some Tomlinson. He and Doc Ford work well together. And I've been listening to these completely out of order, so I've watched all the relationship growth all out of order and it's been kinda cool. This one shows Tomlinson having problems with 'Zamboni and the hat trick twins'....and he's been having dreams about his past, things are starting to surface. And he thinks that's why he's having his problems.A woman comes into both Doc's and Tomlinson's lives who claims to be Doc's sister. She is an amazing woman and a lot like her father, Doc's uncle (or is it his father?) and Doc is wary of her despite how much he comes to admire her. Then the two women Doc rescues that brings him into a whirlwind of subterfuge.....Just an all around darn fine suspense. Loved Ron McLarty's narration. He does the absolute best voice characterization for Tomlinson. Four Tomlinson duuuuuude beans.....

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I've really been enjoying this series, although it's been difficult to find copies of the books in order so I've ended up skipping around a bit. Doc Ford is a marine biologist and also a former secret ops agent. These books are filled with marine biology and history of Florida facts. Doc is a very logical, cool headed character, who generally lives a quiet life. In this story he prevents a kidnapping and ends becomes a target as a result. We are introduced to a new character and the truth behind his best friend, Tomlinson's super-secret history is finally revealed.

Shark River is one of my favorites in the Doc Ford series. This one starts off with a lot of action packed scenes. Then, you find out that Tucker did have a daughter, which she thinks Ford is her brother, not her cousin. A story of Tomlinson's past comes out during this story. I never imagined Tomlison as a someone who'd commit a crime, but after a brief moment, I remembered, a lot of the protesters of the 60's/70's ended up with some sort of a record. More of Doc's past is revealed and a connection is made with Harrington. The story ends how it started with more action, until everything comes together. The book is interesting, entertaining and of course has the action of the Doc Ford series.

This was a good beach book, especially if the beach is Ft. Myers Florida. This whole series is set there. It's a quick read. If you fall asleep in the middle of a chapter, you won't miss anything. I don't care one way or another if I read any more in the series, but it was captivating enought that I wanted to finish it and find out "who done it." The protagonist is a biologist that is living off the grid in a shack on Sanibel Island. Also a great restaurant in Ft. Myers. I only know how to get there by boat, but they have outstanding mussels in a tomato sauce.

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