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Shattered Emotions (2013)

Shattered Emotions (2013)
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Fated Desires Publishing, LLC
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Shattered Emotions (2013)
Shattered Emotions (2013)

About book: If you have been following this series, you will be super excited to read Maddox and Ellie's book. If you liked tortured heros and heroines you don't get much more tortured than these two. This is a pleasant series for me about wolf shifters. It is not great but it is good overall. Maddox and Ellie are compelling and my favorite so far. You get the point of view of the villain which I never care for and certain sets of action just don't make that much sense. There is a lot of peril and outer conflict in this and the other books. The author has talent and I wish these books were more focused on the couple or the action made a bit more sense and propelled the relationships as well as the the larger plot arc forward. Never the less, if you would like a wolfy good time with some very very bad guys, you should enjoy. Maddox Jamenson is the omega of the Redwood pack, who burdened with the strong emotions within the pack. He finally finds his mate, but he pushes hew away because he believes that the emotions that they could share after the bonding could destroy her completely after just getting stronger from years of torture.Ellie Reyes was the Central's pack, and was tortured her whole life by her sadistic brother being his toy. When she is finally rescued, she finds her mate in Maddox the one person who could help and see her through her nightmares turns his back on her for unknown reasons.The battles heats up and they are forced to leave the den to catch a traitor in their midst. Maddox and Ellie must confront each other and work it out, and to overcome their fears to fight for something stronger then their pain. I loved Shattered Emotions. It had action, sweetness, love, sex of course ;), some humor, some sadness and happiness. It was an awesome book. I can't wait for North's book.
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Maddox is my second favorite Jameson. Jasper is still me #1, but I hope you try this series.
This book is WONDERFUL ! ! You go through all kinds of emotions ! !
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