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Shinobi Life, Vol. 01 (2006)

Shinobi Life, Vol. 01 (2006)

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1427811113 (ISBN13: 9781427811110)
Akita Shoten

About book Shinobi Life, Vol. 01 (2006)

Again.. I got decieved by the cover.This manga is not entirely bad but it's just not good as I hoped it would be.The plot is okay, could have been developed way way better than this lame way.There are no story events that worth mentioning. The moments between the characters are over-used that I could tell you exactly what they are going to say and what's going to happen. Nothing at all interesting enough, even the art is mehh.Too bad, this could have been better or at least more interesting than the way it is presented. This book is about a girl named Beni Fujiwara, who one day tries to commit suicide, to escape from her cold father(who is rich, but by her mother's inheritance), and she is saved from this ninja, Kagetora, who appears out of thin air. Later, she discovers that the ninja is from the past, and he is sworn to protect "Beni-hime" who is her ancestor, and apparently they look the same. When suddenly one day Beni and Kagetora go back in time to Kagetora's time, and they encounter the "Beni-hime" and discover that there is some animosity toward Kagetora... I started reading this book, because Aloka kept on nagging me on reading more shounen instead of always reading shoujo. So I started reading this book, because it also had the shoujo tag on it, but as I discovered in reading it, it has more shounen than shoujo. I finished this book, because it was more interesting than some other shounen manga that I read, and also because I kept on laughing when reading the book. For example, when Kagetora first meets Beni, and she crouches down in frustration, and he can see her underwear. Because he doesn't know what it is, he pulls it up, and Beni's like, "OW! OW! OW! STOP!". I would recommend this to Rachel, because she doesn't read much manga, and so she should have more genres, and because it isn't like Legend of Princess Sakura.

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Kagetora is so cute! I love him! I really enjoyed this volume.

My new Favorite!

So funny (^_^)


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