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Sidney Sheldon's Mistress Of The Game With Bonus Material (2012)

Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game with Bonus Material (2012)

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0062264737 (ISBN13: 9780062264732)
William Morrow

About book Sidney Sheldon's Mistress Of The Game With Bonus Material (2012)

it was a great read but you could tell almost immediately that this wasn't quite Sydney writing. It had all of Sydney's elements of suspense,thrills,excitement and more but i didn't quite peak while reading as i normally do with Sydney's books. nonetheless, Tilly B. is a brilliant writer in her own right and am sure it must have been difficult writing for Sydney's audience but she did a fantastic job. I loved it and i would definitely recommend it. Great read. Wow! I was so excited after finished "Master of the Game" last week that I HAD to read this book right away. I loved Master so much that I expected so much more from this book. If I could give it three and a half stars I would but definitely not four. I could tell that this was not Sidney Sheldon's writing from the beginning. This is my first Bagshawe book and I think she is good but totally different style than Sheldon! She uses parenthesis all the time in her writing, which I find unprofessional and annoying! It was totally unnecessary as well! It is a sequel, therefore you should not have to re-tell clips of the previous book in parenthesis. I loved the continuation of the twisted characters! Just when you thought they couldn't be anymore twisted- BAM! You're hit with another shocker. There were a lot of twists that never really played Lexi's kidnapping and whatever happened to Eve?? I kind of lost that. There were also a lot of new characters introduced (almost too many) that didn't play out either, so it seemed unnecessary. Another thing that drove me crazy was that Lexi completely lost hearing when she was 8 years old, so how is she having all of this perfect dialogue and conversation with all of these various people?!?! I was so confused by this and at times throughout the book even forgot she was deaf! Did anyone else notice this?!?! Especially, in the last few chapters with her "escape," it was written as if she wasn't deaf at all, with noises that she supposedly heard and being questioned, etc. Without spoiling anymore of the story, I am glad I read it to learn more of what happened with the Blackwell family and Kruger-Brent but this book was a jumbled mess in so many places. I also really disliked the ending. I can't stand endings like that! It is not a must read and a definite let down after "Master of the Game." But praise goes to Tilly Bagshawe for trying to make a great sequel. It was an almost for me but just didn't quite make it to good.

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I was sad when Sidney Sheldon died... this was a great book to pick up where he left off!

It's a brilliant, page-turning sequel.enough said.

story was good but it was little too longer.

Not even close to Sidney Sheldon

Read 5/10

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