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Siege And Storm (2013)

Siege and Storm (2013)
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0805094601 (ISBN13: 9780805094602)
Henry Holt and Co.
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Siege And Storm (2013)
Siege And Storm (2013)

About book: Im reading this series out of order so I wasn't sure in the beginning if I like this book but after I got started with it I really enjoyed it especially the inner dialogue of the main character. She has a lot of complexity that is demonstrated by her talking about being positive or feeling one way about a situation and then coming back around and feeling the other way. She explores her feelings which was interesting and the antagonist seemed interesting as well. I'm wondering if in the first book he was described in more depth because he was definitely an interesting character. I would recommend this book. I realize this is the second book in a trilogy, so I feel that it's a little unfair to even rate it at all. However, I found myself despising the whiny, passive aggressive and pouty behavior of Mal in this novel. And maybe it's because I know that this will be a fairly predictable YA trilogy and Alina will end up with her childhood BFF Mal, rather than the enticingly mysterious Darkling (one of only two characters in this book I really like). I'll finish the trilogy, but I'm annoyed at the main characters and hope there is some major redemption for me to be ok with what I assume will be Mal and Alina together after defeating the Fold and the Darkling.
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Just can't finish. I don't like Alina so it's hard to connect. This book moves pretty slowly.
A re-read getting ready for reading the end of the trilogy. Just as great as the first time.
Seriously enjoyed this book even through the moments that my heart did not.
I loved this book also couldn't put it down!!!
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