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Sienna The Saturday Fairy (2008)

Sienna the Saturday Fairy (2008)

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I chose to read this book as I remember some of the young girls in my previous class enjoyed reading books from the rainbow magic series.Sienna the Saturday fairy is about two girls, Kirsty and Rachel who are modelling in a fashion show. The girls are worried as the crowd seems to find the show rather boring and they ask for some help from their friends, the fairies, to put some sparkle into the show.A goblin tries to ruin the show by stealing a flag and by dressing up in one of the outfits. Sienna, the Saturday fairy saves the day by helping the girls to chase the goblin away.This is a simple story aimed at children aged 5-8. I think the rainbow magic series of books capture the attention of young girls and encourages them to read. This story in particular is fun and easy to read but I would have some concern about how the plot centres around a fashion show and talks about modelling clothes. I feel that this may be inappropriate as the story is aimed at girls of such a young age.There are, however, over a hundred rainbow magic books and I'm sure that some of them would be perfect to have on a classroom shelf to encourage independent reading, especially in young girls.

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