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Silence Of The Nine (2014)

Silence of the Nine (2014)
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0989084582 (ISBN13: 9780989084581)
The Cartel Publications
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Silence Of The Nine (2014)
Silence Of The Nine (2014)

About book: I had to let this book and the content marinate before I could write a review.. here it goes.Kerrick is an immigrant from African in American studying engineering. Kerrick is having a hard time focusing, because the love of his life, Thandi is brutally murdered before they could escape Africa. Flunking out of school, but not ready to return to Africa, Kerrick decides he will live the American dream, by any means necessary. He finds an accomplice and she aids him in keeping employment. After performing a cruel, violent, act, Kerrick is sentenced to prison. Once he is out, he decides that nothing will stop his rise to the top.He marries Victoria and they have a brood of children. But, his need for a pure blood line, causes havoc on his family. Anybody can get it from Kerrick, but he unleashes his frustration and anger out on Seven. It's something about Seven that unnerves Kerrick. When he finally figures it out, it may be too late.Seven is one of Kerrick's many grandchildren that the family doesn't even know about because she is hidden in the basement. Kerrick calls on a familiar person to "care" for Seven. But, eventually the joke will be on Kerrick, because Seven becomes just like her evil, vicious grandfather. Can Kerrick and his family handle Seven's rise to power or will she overthrow the king?T. Styles has a twisted imagination. I wanted to stop reading, but I had to know what was going to happen. Kerrick has to be the most hated villain that I have ever read about. Some of the things that T. Styles wrote for Kerrick shows her twisted creativity in making her characters come to life. I hope I never encounter a man like Kerrick. I need for him to leave my mind before I can start on book two.I would recommend this book, but beware, IT'S NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART! Okay me and 6 women read this book till 8am on my t.v. This was a 10 plus in stars. Omg, this book was like no other i 've ever read before. T.Styles has a wicked pen game, Silence of the Nine is book that will leave u speechless without a doubt. Some of the women never heard of her or her books and they couldn't stop reading this. If your looking for read to leave u speechless " Silence Of The Nine" is the Sh!t....
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WOW is all I can say about this book. T. Styles is one bad momma. Keep up the great work.
T. Styles blew my mind away with this one. NINE is a beast. Point Blank Period
thid book was highly entertaining. I can't wait for part 2..
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