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Silencing Eve (2013)

Silencing Eve (2013)
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1250020026 (ISBN13: 9781250020024)
St. Martin's Press
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Silencing Eve (2013)
Silencing Eve (2013)

About book: I had a really hard time rating this book. While I love Eve Duncan, this trilogy really would have been better off as a single book in the larger series. It was very wordy and left me wondering if the author was simply trying to develop a higher word count so as to create and sell more books. That said... I did enjoy the story even though it took an incredibly long time to tell. I did find myself skimming more than usual... the characters were very introspective and talked out things way more than I've ever heard anyone talk. They also tended to repeat earlier parts of the story... was the author afraid we'd forget what happened? This wordiness was very strange and didn't flow very well. I also was rather disgusted with Jane's stupidity. For someone that's supposed to be street-wise... she did some rather stupid things that I just can't fathom. Her actions just didn't fit what I would have expected of her. There were a few other things that bothered me with this particular book and the trilogy in general, but I think I've spent enough time and am ready to move on. I certainly will keep reading the series and hope that it will get better again. I bought this book at the hospital gift shop as the most probably winner of a sad lot. While this was a professionally written and edited book that was tightly focused and kept the story going, it should have come with a warning to read all the previous books first. Paranormal elements that were developed in prior novels were not fully explained and I felt like I was dropping in halfway through TV show on Dr Whom (I don't watch Dr. Who). It left me wondering what I was missing and what just happened. Yes is a stand alone of sorts, but so much of the subtext and background was missing that I kept going back to re-read sections to see if I was missing something - I wasn't. If I'd have read the rest of the series first either I'd have run screaming from this one or enjoyed it more. I gave it 3 stars for it's professional polish, not because I liked it particularly. In fact, I never quite finished it and I don't think I'll be tracking down the other Eve books to fill in the blanks. So many books. So little time.
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blah blah - very predictable seemed to fit more in the romance genre :-(
Love any "Eve" Book,She is an amazing writer.
long, drawn out and unnecessarily wordy
Good quick read. Romantic suspense.
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