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Simply Carnal (2012)

Simply Carnal (2012)

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0758269455 (ISBN13: 9780758269454)
Kensington Aphrodisia

About book Simply Carnal (2012)

This story just wasn't my kind of story, I'm all for erotic romances, and with kinky sex, but I find there was literally no emotion or romance to this story, it was just sex, and it wasn't really hot, heavy throbbing sex, it was robotic, like some quick pastime. On a positive note I did like some of the witty comments, and there was an air of mystery to the characters, but it really lacked the emotion and excitement I was looking for, and the idea of the main characters sleeping with everyone like it's nothing, I mean almost everyone's attitude about it was "*shrug* lets have sex". I was expecting some major hot sex scenes but I didn't like any them, It was like reading someones research notes of on "how to pleasure the human body". Anyways I won't be reading from this author again, but of course I'm not suggesting to not read the book, this just wasn't (MY) kind of story. 3.5 Stars. I wasn't sure what this book was at first but the title should have tipped me off. It is erotica with a bit of romance thrown in.In the beginning I found it very difficult to read, the main reason being the abuse of the heroine , both in her past and her present. By the middle of the book I was very intrigued and wanted to find out the secrets she held. I ended up liking the hero towards the end as he finally comes to his senses, moves beyond his past to claim the present and future with the heroine. I didn't realise this was book no. 8 in a series until I read the other reviews.

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I thoughly enjoyed all these books in the series so far. Looking forward to next chapter...

Carnal...Can't Wait!

Pretty good

2.75 stars


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