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Sin Undone (2010)

Sin Undone (2010)

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0446556815 (ISBN13: 9780446556811)
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About book Sin Undone (2010)

Sin's story was everything I was hoping for! She is a bad ass sexy half-demon! Con a sexy dhampire! What I liked was the fact that she stayed a bad ass through the whole novel. Even when Con broke through her barriers, she was still herself. She didn't become girly, or non-Sun like. I loved how everything came together, and I love the introduction to the horsemen! Con and Sin fought each other the whole novel, and it was great! I totally recommend this novel! Definitely not my favorite in the series. The plot felt all over the place, there were a million different little things going on (and not in the good way that I love about this series), and I just couldn't get behind the main character. I can't stand it when an author decides that the only way to portray a strong, tough female character is by making her a cold-hearted, confrontational bitch. Whatever happened to strength coming through skill, compassion, recognition of the strengths of others? Instead we get Sin who snaps at everyone, goes out of her way to make others' lives difficult, remains woefully self-obsessed, and utterly clueless or indifferent to the feelings of others. Or at least that's how it seemed to me... it's possible I misread her. Possible, but not likely. Ugh. I'll be glad to start Lords of Deliverance and get the taste of this one out of my mouth.

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Didn't expect the ending with Con, so was really good

Wild-Jessie Jay,Will I Am-Feeling Myself

definitely inlurve with this series ❤

Just amazing !!REVIEW TO COME.

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