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Sirene (2011)

Sirene (2011)

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Yay, who would have thought a book about sirens would be good? At least not me! But this book proved me wrong! In the beginning it was a bit lame, but the more I got into it, the more I liked it. The characters were good, the story good, yeah basically it was a good read. In the end it even got interesting! However I didn´t like that Justine died fter one chapter cause she was my favorite character, and I dont like that Vanessa is scared of absolutely everything! Rayburn wrote the book in a different way then I´m used to, so it was hard to keep up with what was going on. She kind of skipped some really important stuff, and didnt describe everything as clearly as I´d wanted her too, but I will pick up the next part if I see it. Strange things have been happening in winter harbour. Men washed up on shore with grins stretching across their faces.Vanessa sands lost her sister when she jumped from a cliff. Life hasn't been the same and she wants answers and when her sisters boyfriend goes missing she tries to find answers with the help of handsome Simon.I really enjoyed this book it was gripping and a great story however I thought that it ended quickly. I didn't expect some of the twists and it kept me guessing. I would recommend this book.

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One of my more favorite mermaid books

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