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Sisters (2007)

Sisters (2007)

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0385340222 (ISBN13: 9780385340229)
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About book Sisters (2007)

First of all did anybody else notice all the errors in this book? There were so many contradictions which irritate me to the core! First she says tammy's hair is red like her mothers only curly, then when the sisters are dividing up their mother's clothes Annie puts on a cashmere sweater and looks so beautiful, of course, and just like her mother who "has the same color hair", yet Annies hair is a chestnut. Then when she is describing Tammue's home in the beginning she says that tammy is just too busy with work and hasnt even had the time to unpack all of her nick nacks and decorations let alone decorate the home, then later on when she is deciding to leave it says how beautiful her home is and how well she has decorated it. There is one chapter where abrina somehow becomes serena instead. Also in annies first chapter its talking about how her boyfriend harlue plans to move.back to ew York and her mother secretly hopes that Charlie can convince her to move back and their mother had even discussed it with the sisters, but when nnie and her mother are driving together before the accident somehow her mother doeant know about how Chris wants to move back to New York. There are MANY more contradictions, and I cant even begin to describe how annoyingly this book is written because of how much Danielle repeats herself on how pretty or perfect these girls are. Every detail is repeated over 10 times. The first chapters are just obnoxious in the way she describes each sister and their beauty and perfection. And the word Brownstone, MY GOD! Its as if she just learnes what a Browstone was and was just so excited to use it and show her knowledge of the word. Everything is just PERFECT. She had to make it so clear. Terribly written, boring book, I saw how someone said its padded just to appease her wordcount. I couldnt have said it better, everything gets repeated and its so drawn out. I wad annoyed the entire time, Ive never read a nore poorly written book in my life, 100% FACT! Sorry for all the errors in my review, Im typing from my phone and for some reason it wont let me move my cursor to another area to correct anyhhing :p This book might be good for a very young teenage girl who is still dreaming of what she wants to be when she grows up because all three of the sisters are living every little girls' dream. It might also be good for some who's brains are not fully formed and need things to be repeated over and over and over and then one more time just to make sure they know how conpletely perfect and strikingly beautiful these girls are. They dont have any flaws! And the father is a coward, I saw how someone mentioned how he didnt go to the hospital to see Annie because it would have been too hard on him. What sort of father doesnt go to the hospital for their child who has just been in a fatal car crash and has lost her sight. His book is a complete nuisance! Its as if it was written by a little girl living her dreams thru her writing. The errors and the contradictions are what bother me he most as if Im too stupid to remember what you wanted me to know the first time you mentioned it and then changing it completely later on so that you can make it fot with the story. It was made clear that Tammy and the mother had fiery RED hair and that ANNIE has chestnut brown hair but then whwn Annies trying on her mother's clothes she is just so beautiful and looks just lile their mother because "they had the same hair color" and then its as if she tried to back pedal saying Annie and ammy definitely both resembled their mother very closely. This book is ridiculous. Ive never read a worse book in my life. Im so angry for having paid 2 dollars at a garage sale for it. I would not recommend it to anyone, Im just mot that cruel, other than for the sole purpose of wanting someone, anyone to see the huge mistakes that were made.

تدور حول أربع شقيقات يعشن في مناطق متباعدة عارضة أزياء تتنقل بين باريس وطوكيو ونيويورك , محامية تعيش في نيويورك , فنانة تشكيلية تعيش في فلورنسا , ومنتجة برامج تلفزيونية تعيش في سان فرانسيسكو ... يعدن معا إلى منزل العائلة للإحتفال بالعيد الوطني الأمريكي يوم الرابع من يونيو ذلك اليوم الذي سيشكل مفترق طرق لحياتهن ... تلقى والدتهن حتفها وتفقد شقيقتهن آني" الفنانة التشكيلية " بصرها نتيحة حادث سيارة ... ويبدأن بتغيير حياتهن لتوائم ظروفهن الحالية ...لن أحرق عليكم الرواية بذكر جميع أحداثها الهامة .. وما حزَ في خاطري استسلام الأب للحزن وزواجه مرة أخرى >>>>>>إحساس عارم بالقهر وخيبة الأمل ستنتابكم تجاه هذا الرجل ... والذي لم يقم بأي جهد لمواساة بناته ..ولكن الأجمل فيها عندما يمر عام على المأساة التي مررن بها لنرى كيف أصبحت حياتهن ويكتشفن أنها قربتهن من بعض ربما أكثر مما كن في طفولتهن صحيح أنهن فقدن والدتهن ولكن بالحب و الأمل وكثير من التضحيات جعلن حياة آني الفاقدة للبصر أجمل ...في هذه الرواية ستجدون الحزن والفرح والتضحية لأجل من نحب وزرع البسمة على شفاه أدمنت اليأس والكثير من التحدي والإصرار .. برأيي الرواية الأروع من بين كل روايات دانييل ستيل ....

Do You like book Sisters (2007)?

لم تكن رواية،وانما قصة سرد أحداث يومية في المنزل أو في العمل ﻷربع شقيقات اضطررن للعيش سويا" بسبب حادث ألم بأسرتهن أدى إلى فقدان إحداهن بصرها ووفاة والدتهن..لا تحوي ﻷي عنصر تشويق أو إثارة،ومن يقرأ لدانييل ستيل يجد اﻷسلوب نفسه وتشابه الحبكة في كل ما تكتبه،ولا أدري إن كان المجتمع الأمريكي يحوي على ذلك النوع من الترابط اﻷسري أم لا.وإتمامي لهذه الرواية على الرغم من أنها أخذت وقتا طويلا وقد شعرت بالملل كثيرا منها لم يكن إلا لعدم رغبتي في أن أبدأ شيئا" دون أن أنهيه،ومتأملة في أن تشدني إحدى صفحاتها التي كان بإمكان الكاتبة ان تنهي روايتها هذه بنصف عدد الصفحات الحالي.قرأت لدانييل ثلاث روايات ولا أرغب أن أقرأ أكثر لها.النجمتان كانت لتقديري لصبرها وهي تلم بكل تلك اﻷحداث اليومية والتفاصيل التي ذكرتها عن حياة أشخاص من good morning الى good night..
—Rawan Mohder

I'd probably be over exaggerating if I said the book was the best I've ever read because honestly it wasn't. However the case may be, it wasn't the worst either. Actually in all the books I've read by Danielle Steel since the 2000s, considering she hasn't has a great book since 1997, this was a poignant tale about sisterhood, hence the title Sisters. Of course I knew there would be some happy go lucky ending with the story but the second, third and fourth chapters I wasn't prepared for! I will not spoil the book in case you haven't read it but I'll just say I wish Ms. Steel was like this more often. Leave imagination to the reader, don't bore us down with details. Anyway, the story is about four sisters who visit each other and their matriarch and patriarch for the annual Fourth of July weekend, only this time tragedy strikes the family in two major blows: their mother's death and their sisters, Annie's, sudden blindness. They give up their personal lives to move in together, support each other and relive childhood memories. I felt as if I could register with Tammy the most, given the fact that she too lives on the West Coast, is the practical, level-headed one in the family and has a career in television (I would like to write scripts for a major primetime drama on a major cable network someday as well). Not to mention she has the most to lose. The story explores issues like anorexia, the aforementioned adjusting to being blind and marriage and what you're willing to sacrifice and not sacrifice. Sisters doesn't disappoint. It may not be for everyone, but it was perfect for me!
—Demiere Lee

دانيال كاتبة مشهورة الجميع يقرأ لها لبساطتها في التعبير وشرح الموضوع المتناول في رواياتها. قرأت الشقيقات فعرفت هذا الأسلوب في الكتابة الغير متكلف. لا عجب أن كتبها لاقت شهرة واسعة وأظن أن كل من يريد أن يقرأ فليبدأ بدانيال .. لن يواجه صعوبة في اللغة والمحصلة جميلة في النهاية فمواضيعها اجتماعية عاطفية .. تدعو للتفاؤل والتضحية وترتيب الأولويات وغيرها من السمات التي تقوم كالبلسم للكل .. لأن مامن أحد إلا وتعرض لمشكلة وإحتاج لمن يفهمه .. وطبعاً لن يشعر بوجود شخص يعي تماماً ما الذي يتحدث عنه إلا بعد أن يقابل نماذج مروا بحجم مشكلته وربما أسوأ .. وها هم استمروا بالعيش وكافحوا حتى مرت الأزمة وتلونت الحياة من جديد. هذا ما كان في الشقيقات .. أحببت المحاضرة الأولى لتعلم لغة البرايل كانت آني تبوح - بكل عفوية - تقبلها لصديقها من أول لقاء وهو بادلها ذات الشعور وأعترف لها أيضاً .. كان العمى كالستار لطالما كان التعبير عن المشاعر يسبب الحرج. وددت لو أتمكن من الحصول على ذات السكن الذي اسأجرنه لأكثر من عام .. فقد كان وصفه في الرواية جميل وحميمي. شخصية كاندي كانت رائعة وكريس رجل مذهل ونادر .. لكن المصادفات كانت كثيرة لدرجة كانت تذكرني بأني مازلت أقرأ رواية!.

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