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Six Months To Live (2003)

Six Months to Live (2003)
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Six Months To Live (2003)
Six Months To Live (2003)

About book: I bought this book when i was in the 3rd grade if i remember right (I Have the first published addition). I bought it and Mother Please Don't Die and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep all at our Book Fair that year. The reason i bought the book was because when i was reading the back the word "CANCER" jumped out at me. My Grandmother (the most precious person in my life) just told me she had breast cancer. I know i was young and all but i've always been an old soul. So anyways, I bought all these books because they were about cancer, I didn't know there where diffrent kinds of cancers and tumors...I just know my grandma had both. I cried and cried when I read these books, i cried and i worried. But i guess in a way they also helped me prepair for what was to come in real life. I lost my Beloved Grandma when I was 13 years old...she fought long and she fought hard to stay with us as long as she could...she died at the young age of 57, and I was there with her until her last breath. I think that is the reason Lurlene McDaniel will always be a favorite author of mine. She helped me understand and prepair for the hardest thing any of us ever have to go through...Losing those we love the most. I'm 35 now and i read the Dawn Series over and over again even to this day...they make me sad and they make me happy because i remember reading them with my Grandma.

This book is about a thirteen year old girl who has cancer. When she is in the hospital, she meets a new friend. They did everthing together but one day Dawns friend Sandy was well enough to go home. They wrote each other everyday. They finally saw each other again at cancer camp. Cancer camp is a camp where kids with cancer go for two weeks and play games, swim, go on nature walks, and meet new friends. While Dawn and Sandy were at camp they became more than friends with two boys. When camp was over, Dawn received a letter from Sandy. The letter was about bad news. After that, the bad news kept coming. If you want to know what the letter said and about all of the ups and downs of Dawns life, you can read "Six Months to Live" by Lurlene McDaniel. This book is a series and the next book is called "I Want to Live". Lurlene McDaniel writes many inpirational novels for teens and I have read three of them and I plan on reading many more.
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Gabi S.♥
Dawn Rochelle is a 13 year old girl who wants to have a normal life, full of cheer leading, boys, sleepovers, etc. Unfortunately, Dawn's life is far from normal. She has found out that she has leukemia, and is going to have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks, even months, for however long chemotherapy takes to get her in remission. At her stay, she becomes best friends with a girl named Sandy, who is cute, friendly, and caring. Through her stay, she goes through sickness, laughs, and hope that she will soon be in remission. There are some happiness and surprises at the end, but you will have to read the book to find out. This was a good book, and I have also read the sequels to this book by Lurlene McDaniel. I highly recommend this book.
Kaylee Hamm
This book was about a teen named Dawn that was diagnosed with cancer. At first she was in denial and shock but as the book went along she learned to accept her cancer and face it. She meets a friend named Sandy while she's in the hospital and they both go into remission. They both go to a cancer camp over summer and shortly afterwards, sandy relapses and passes away. I really enjoyed this book! It had me constantly engaged and I am excited to read the next book of the series. I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone!
Robin Conley
These aren't the kinds of books I'd read over and over again, because honestly, although hopeful, they are kind of depressing, but I do enjoy them now and then. Lurlene McDaniel's has a way of making a non-cancer victim understand the emotions and stress those who experience cancer, even from a distance, go through. I enjoy her characters, even though they break my heart, and though I know the story won't end well for everyone, I want to find out how it ends. I like that McDaniel's doesn't just focus on the Cancer and the sickness, but on all the ways it can affect a cancer patient's life as well as how it can change even the normal things, such as going to the mall, into a completely different experience. I enjoyed this book and will read the next one to find out more of Dawn's story. I'm not compelled to read them, and don't feel that inability to put the book down that some novels give me, but the characters made me care about them and I'd love to know how it is going to end for Dawn and her family.
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