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Sixth Grave On The Edge (2014)

Sixth Grave on the Edge (2014)

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1250045630 (ISBN13: 9781250045638)
St. Martin's Press

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Charley’s back and as irreverent as ever. Holding Reyes off (it’s a yes or no question), getting Cookie with Ubie, worrying about Dad, and finally wondering about Mr. Wong. BTW I love the new bedroom. It was a busy book with a lot of subplots which would be spoiler-y to get into, but it makes me want to hurl myself into the next book now. And I’ve got to get some of those t-shirts from the start of each chapter. See I’m not going to spoil you – go for it!! Another good addition to the series. I do get a little frustrated when Charley goes off on tangents and never seems stick to detecting anything but I guess she does eventually get her cases solved. I'm happy that her relationship with Reyes is going somewhere. Also happy that there wasn't too much naming things in this book. I wince every time she calls her breasts Danger and Will. Kind of dumb. But the rest of the humor is pretty strong so I try to ignore it. ;-)On to the next one which I'll have to read instead of listen to since the library doesn't have the disks yet.

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I love the Darynda Jones books! It's like a supernatural Stephanie Plum!

Como me hiciste llorar, Reyes 6, pero te ame :')

Even more fun than the last.


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