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Skandal W Wielkim Mieście: Skrzynka Mejlowa Holly 2 (2008)

Skandal w wielkim mieście: Skrzynka mejlowa Holly 2 (2008)
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Skandal W Wielkim Mieście: Skrzynka M...
Skandal W Wielkim Mieście: Skrzynka Mejlowa Holly 2 (2008)

About book: Loves the sequel even more than the original. Jam packed with secrets, lies, gossip and of course, scandal. All your favorite characters return with plenty to talk about via email. Toby and Holly are still together; Aisha is on Holly's receptionist team; Jason is still in on all the dirt; sister Alice is getting closer to Holly; Trish remains Holly's confidant; and Aisha - Well, she's still Aisha. Things start getting rocky between Holly and Toby and they have a major communicationo breakdown. It couldn't come at a worse time as they each have a scintillating secret to tell the other one that could change their lives forever. You don't have to read the first book to get this one but it's definitely moe fun to know the back story on all the characters. Same email format makes this book Which appears monstrous in length, just fly by with every turnign page. 3.5 StarsHolly and her friends are back for this entertaining follow-up to Holly’s Inbox. Told entirely in emails and text messages, the reader gets a glimpse into both Holly’s professional and personal life.Life seems to be pretty good for Holly at the start of the book. Work is work… the usual responsibilities of scheduling rooms, showing clients where to go and providing excellent customer service. Her love life is at a high too. She’s living with her boyfriend and is thinking about what the future holds for them.Gradually things change. Work becomes a bit more challenging when Holly has a slight falling out with a co-worker. If that’s not enough, her live-in boyfriend is spending weekends alone without her. And Holly believes he’s cheating on her… after all, what else could it possibly be?If you’re looking to escape your overflowing inbox, then I recommend Holly’s Inbox: Scandal in the City. Don’t allow the 525 pages to scare you away. It’s a quick and easy read. Before you know it, your unanswered emails will be long forgotten as you find yourself engrossed in Holly’s life.
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I actually enjoyed this, quite funny. Unusual to read what is essentially all emails.
Nearly a repeat of the first, but still entertaining and funny.
Not as good as the original, but still a fun read.
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