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Skeleton Creek (2009)

Skeleton Creek (2009)

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0545075661 (ISBN13: 9780545075664)
Scholastic Press

About book Skeleton Creek (2009)

Not so bad. I actually enjoyed reading the book. It is very obviously intended for young readers, but once you have accepted that fact, the plot is acceptable and the story telling quite convincing.Two teenagers are trying to uncover the mystery of the Dredge, with may or may not involve ghosts, gold and secret societies. The two characters are slightly flat (and the girl, Sarah, would have benefited from a better choice of actress), but that's usually the case in such a short book.The interesting thing about that story is how it juggles between the written book (Ryan's journal), and videos (accessible online thanks to the passwords given in the book), filmed by the female character. This multimodal aspect makes the story much more compelling, lending it a "realness" that would be absent otherwise. If you google the words "skeleton creek" you can also find a (fake) website created by someone pretending to have discovered the truth about "skeleton creek".So, the novel is not a masterpiece, but it is an easy reading, and the use of videos certainly challenges the expectation of the reader about the experience of reading. J'ai vraiment apprecié ce livre, il était très interessant et satisfaisant. J'ai en plus adoré le double format de Psychose, papier et digital. quoique les acteurs (Sarah en particulier) gachent un peu. Elle est bien trop "dramatique" dans sa performance, je trouve. Quand meme, il avait vraiment l'air d'etre un journal intime. ça me surprend qu'il ne soit pas très connu. Et dommange qu'il ne soit pas présent en Italie.

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We read this in a class read aloud. It was supposed to be scary, but it wasn't and i didn't like it.

Amazing story......great videos...a spellbinding mystery...totally worth reading

I thought it was a really good book. It kept you alerted and entertained.

I was skeptical at first... but the videos really got me hooked

This is a wonderful book it's scary and sad and funny.

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