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Sketchy Behavior (2011)

Sketchy Behavior (2011)

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031072144X (ISBN13: 9780310721444)

About book Sketchy Behavior (2011)

Fun little book. I loved all the drawing/artist stuff, and I haven't ever read a book before about a forensic sketch artist so that was cool. There were times when it got boring...I wondered if the whole book was going to be the main character sitting at home, bored to death, watching old TV reruns. The ending was way too fast and I was left with several questions. But it was a fun book to read and had some pretty funny moments. It's a total LOL story. Sketchy Behavior may be comedy and short (about two hundred pages or more), but it deals with a few serious stuff. Like if God exist and some other things. Sketchy Behavior is a pretty sketchy book, but it's mostly light and great after a hard week. I had a lot of laughs over this book. I love how the author mixed crime, witness protection, an assassination (gasp!), and a serial killer into a very funky and funny mix. It's amazing how some authors can put the right stuff together to make a very gooey and delicious trail mix. There's no trail mix. But there is a trail of sketches. The plot is a tiny bit shady because of the DJ plot. (I don't even know why that character is there. Other than to put a little tension in the plot and humor. It's strange). Mostly you have to buckle in and don't ask questions. Asking questions is terrible, because it ruins all the plot. If you stopped and think for a moment (along with peeking into the back), then you might had figured it out.As I mentioned before, Sketchy Behavior should be a dark and scary book. But there's a few character who put the humor in funny. For example: DJ and Kate's dad. Kate is perhaps one of those silent characters. She doesn't reveal much of her emotions, but instead she reveals most of her nightmares. It's good that you have to interpret her emotions instead of you learning it because the author said it straight away. There's no romance between her and anyone. There's many candidates, but nothing too strong other than Justin. Possible boyfriend, but we will never know unless there's a sequel or another book in the same universe. And what's the chance of that?Very small.The ending of Sketchy Behavior reminds me of a person going to a job after successfully completing an interview. Of course, some of you guys don't know what I'm talking about. The interview is the witness protection. The job is sketching. That's as far as I would explain it. Nevertheless, Kate doing her job is a strong and suggestive ending.Rating: Four out of

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Really good book. Nice twist at the end!

I thought it was a decent book.

i love it so far

Cute, easy read

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