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Skin Game - Verhängnisvoller Verrat (2013)

Skin Game - Verhängnisvoller Verrat (2013)

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About book Skin Game - Verhängnisvoller Verrat (2013)

Love this story, although I don't like Mia at first, I like her resilience through all the obstacles in her way. I'm really curious about Foster in the first book, which the real name is Soren, so I'm happy that he have a story of his own. The pain that develop his coldness is really understandable and I'm glad he have a good ending. The side story between Gilly and Taye is also interesting. This book also answers my questions before on how they gotten their powers. Overall this is a mix of violence, action, romance that makes you want more. I love the feeling of being in the middle of a series I can count on to be entertaining, original, and well written. I liked this book just as much as book 1, though once again I was not feeling the bad guy too much. Outside of paranormal romance, I love the insight into the psychotic mind of a killer. Here, as in book 1, I could not read those insightful sections fast enough. I wanted to get to the storyline with the main characters. I feel bad, as though I am knocking the book slightly for the extra effort the author put it. I guess it comes down to my personal tastes because even the moments of being inside the bad guy's head were well written and unique.In book 1, I much preferred the male lead to the female. My feelings have been flipped with this book. I think the characters were perfectly paired, I just was able to relate to Mia more so than to Foster.I also love the storyline of human experimentation. It is a favorite of mine, something that will always snag my interest. Mad scientists make wonderful villians. I like that many questions from book 1 were answered and that the author has left everything open to continue the series for awhile. I hope there are currently no plans to end it any time soon.If you enjoy darker PNR/UF but still want your HEA, then start this series. I am currently in the middle of book 3 and it keeps getting better.

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Awesome book - I really enjoy this series. And I have a serious crush on the hero in this one.

This is a good read for anyone who likes "Heroes" or "X-Men".

Loved! Can't WAIT for Skin Heat in Jan 2011!

My comments are in the "see review" section.

Loved it. Waiting for book 3 in the series.

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