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Slade (2014)

Slade (2014)

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193807632X (ISBN13: 9781938076329)
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About book Slade (2014)

This is the first dark erotica I have read and it may just not be for me. My problem was that Slade was the BIGGEST hypocrite on the planet. I simply couldn't take it!!! How on earth he got off saying anything negative about sex slavers was simply beyond me, considering what he was doing to Mary. Yes, he didn't physically harm her in ways she didn't want, but he certainly emotionally was harming her.This is definitely a non-consensual story through and through. There is no consent until the last couple of chapters when Mary willingly goes to him. Prior to that, he has forced himself on her by way of superior physical strength, manipulation and taking advantage of her masochistic needs (which are a result of a trauma in her past). Any of her feelings for him seem to be a result of his manipulations and perhaps a little Stockholm Syndrome.Something that occurred to me......I wonder if anyone would have liked this book if Slade hadn't been an attractive powerful rich man? What if he had been a greasy-haired buck-toothed car mechanic or someone flipping burgers at McDonalds? lol. ( I am not implying that mechanics are greasy-haired or buck-toothed; it was just an example. The car mechanics I know are quite nice-looking!) I think the main appeal of these books to people is that the guy is rich. I am willing to bet he would have been viewed as a pure unadulterated psychopath if he hadn't been gorgeous and rich. Review for Captive to the Dark - Slade by Alaska AngeliniSlade is the first in the Captive to the Dark series by Alaska Angelini, I would like to note that these books can be read as standalone novels, however, read them all… they are AH-MAZING. Just saying, as a professional blogger and all. Especially read them if you like the dark… and like the dark twisty hero to actually be a hero instead of a complete villain. Le sigh.Mary is the daughter of a powerful politician. Everything she thought she knew about her family is about to change and life as she knew it would never be the same. Slade is desperate to find his sister, no matter what the cost. When his search uncovers an evil unlike any other he gives the enemy a taste of their own poison. The one thing he didn’t plan on was her.“Get out of your head and give yourself to me. I want all of you. Every fraction of your mind.”Let me just tell you now, the chemistry in this book is off the freaking charts hot. I couldn’t get enough of Slade and Mary, oh Mary, she had such a bad hand dealt to her. Seeing how she survived it all made my heart bleed for her. Because I don’t want to give any of the major plot points away, it would just ruin the story for you, I’m going to keep this review short and sweet.If you like dark erotica, Slade is definitely a book you need to pick up and I guarantee you will devour it. Alaska Angelini has this amazing way of spinning a tale that is unlike any other. The intricate way her characters connect and the small details that end up playing a huge part in the plot of a story just boggle the mind. She is an author that I will buy anything she writes, period.Five darkly delicious and well deserved stars and five drenched panties for Slade… he can keep me captive any day. A certified MUST read NOW! Review by the Head Whore at Mommy’s a Book Whore.

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DNF - way too scattered. Has potential but definitely not there yet.

I loved the intensity of this book.....couldn't put it down.

Holy Mother... Dirty talking Hot ass Alpha Male!

I give this 5 deliciously dark stars!

4 stars. Dark but not too dark.

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