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Slapende Honden (2009)

Slapende honden (2009)
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9022997391 (ISBN13: 9789022997390)
A.W. Bruna
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Slapende Honden (2009)
Slapende Honden (2009)

About book: One of Ruth Rendell's best! I always enjoy her work but sometimes find the endings contrived. This time, the conclusion made perfect sense from the way this splendid author foreshadowed things.Two things I really like about Rendell's Wexford novels:1. She lets many of the minor characters occasionally have bigger roles. In this book, for instance, Jenny Burden, the wife of Inspector Wexford's No. 2 man, has a pivotal part to play. I recall another book where Mike Burden, usually the second banana, also played a leading role.2. Rendell has the rare ability to change with times. It is interesting to me to see the way computers and the Internet have become a bigger part of the detective process. Also, the way the issue of non-white immigrants to Britain seems to be more important in her recent books.If you are new to Rendell, I definitely suggest starting with her early books and reading your way through to latest so you can see how the characters evolve. I find it interesting reading the late entries in the Inspector Wexford series because Rendell has had him age realistically. In this story there is a thread of emphasis of differences between today's world (published in 2009) and the way things were in the past, mainly in the form of Wexford's own observations and reflections as he fills his colleague Burden in on the details of a criminal he's had his eye on since his earliest days as a policeman. The mystery part of this mystery story is well handled but perhaps it's fair to say that this is a book for longtime Wexford readers rather than an apt introduction to the character.
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Perfect escape reading, lovely to be inside Wexford's head but let him sort things out.
Hard not to like Ruth Rendell and the ever wise Inspecto Wexford.
A very hard read . Not one to start reading Ruth Rendell
Not my favorite of hers, but an enjoyable read.
duller than her usual fare...
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