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Sledge (2000)

Sledge (2000)
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Sledge (2000)
Sledge (2000)

About book: What a fantastic ride this short story was. Wow. The premise of this story was fantastic. The idea of being face to face with the serial cop killer that injured but spared you 5 years after the fact and the aftermath from that, it was absolutely brilliant. Edge of your seat thriller that some may say was too short but contained everything that you frequently find in a full length novel, just sped up in a faster pace. I definitely want to read more about Mary. Great Read! This was an okay read for a short story. Questions/Comments:1. What kind of toothbrush would cause your gums to bleed? I use cheap toothbrushes all the time and have no issues. 2. So when Mary runs into Sledge behind the warehouse, why does she wait a year before calling 911? I mean she's just sitting there watching him, beat to death, the one cop. Then called.3. The fact that she let her rage overtaken her, stupid! I mean she could have just stayed where she was in her car and waited for the police to get there. Rather than crashing into the other cops' car. I can't believe she actually thought Sledge would let her hit him.4. So she doesn't call the police until a while later...and when she thinks that Sledge got away, instead of going to check on the 'down' cop, she just waits for the police. Huh? Wouldn't common sense tell you to go check the person that was hurt?5. I would have loved to have known what Sledge did to wife considering he killed all her lovers and she was still alive.6. I wasn't really a fan of the way it was written in regards to:"Mary said, '...'" or "Sledge said, '...'"IDK, it just annoyed me.7. When it came to Sledge's mom, I'm surprised she didn't get Sledge to do something to his wife rather than just the guys.
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Clean, interesting, & short mystery. TTS-enabled eBook ©2012 Recommended.
4.5 Stars. Fun, fast & well written!
nice quick read
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