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Sólo Un Año (2014)

Sólo un año (2014)

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B de Blok

About book Sólo Un Año (2014)

Okay, I knew that I would like this less than Just One Day. Although, it's alright because I had low expectations on this since I don't like Willem and I didn't find reading this particular story as good as If I Stay or find it something that was a must read. I sort of read it quickly to get it over with. It was nice to see Willem's point of view and see that he wasn't a complete jerk and not a total douche bag to Allyson. His story was just a little bit more boring and dull while trying to find Allyson. So I just finished reading this and I liked it. I loved Just One Day so much, think I have it 5 stars. Starting this book I knew how it would end so I'm not disappointed about that but more that it was like déjà vu. Willem was interesting to read about, I did finish this in a few hours, but it lacked something. I liked Willem's character development but I just found Allyson's story a lot more appealing. I don't know, maybe I just wasn't in the right mood. I'm going to get the ebook Just One Night and maybe that'll satisfy me more. Because that how I felt after finishing this, unsatisfied.

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Just One Day was really all that was necessary to read.

3.5 stars


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