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Slow Bloom (2010)

Slow Bloom (2010)

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160370941X (ISBN13: 9781603709415)
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About book Slow Bloom (2010)

Maybe I'm being cranky. Maybe this was just forever long. There was a whole lot of sex. So close on the verge of way too much sex. (Gosh, I can't believe I can say that!)I really didn't care for the first part if the book. I almost gave up when we met Paul. I hate book were monogamy isn't an issue. Which seamed strange. ::shrug::I like age gap books. This one is 30. But, I had the hardest time with Jack. This past was just. I dunno. I got a yuck vibe. It took a majority of this book for me to like him. Basically Ricky had to go back to school. When we got yo see them as individuals, each living their own life's. I really liked this book. A lot of the problems that other readers mentioned in their reviews didn't bother me. For example:The age difference: The age difference between Jack and Ricky is 30 years. It didn't really bother me. They're both adults and Ricky seems rather mature for his age so I wasn't creeped out by it at all. (This coming from a woman who has never been attracted to someone her own age...)Jack being so understanding: Jack was really understanding toward Ricky during this entire book, which some readers thought was unrealistic. However, considering Jack's age and the type of relationships he's had in the past, and how they turned out, I'm not surprised by the way Jack treats Ricky. Jack's afraid to influence Ricky or to do anything he's not sure Ricky would like because he doesn't want Ricky to become something he's not just to be with Jack. Jack's past was hinted at rather than being fully explained and if you weren't paying attention to what you were reading, you could have missed the bits about Jack's past.Ricky's hairlessness: The fact is, Ricky's a swimmer and most swimmers I've ever seen have been hairless. I've seen other reviews where people say that Jack sleeping with Ricky is like sleeping with a child because Ricky is hairless and I just have to say, why in the hell are you thinking of children when you're having sex? Hair or not, there is a HUGE difference between a grown person and a child and a little bit of hair shouldn't change that.All the sex: Really? That's a downside to some people? Ricky and Jack did have a lot of sex but it was during those scenes that we really saw the relationship between Jack and Ricky. It was during those scenes that we saw what made Jack and Ricky special to each other. People that skip or skim over the sex scenes aren't going to be able to fully understand Jack and Ricky's relationship. Besides, if you were totally hot for someone and you rarely saw them, wouldn't you be sexing them up too?The only thing that I wasn't particularly happy about with this book is the fact that Jack and Ricky never had a committed relationship. Both men were sleeping with other people during the year and neither seemed to care. Me on the other hand kept yelling, "Stay away from my gays!" every time they were having sex with someone else. Jack and Ricky didn't even seem to get jealous about the fact that the other was sleeping with other people. I think the only thing that made it semi okay was the fact the Jack and Ricky did things with each other that they wouldn't do to/with other people.I also wish the ending of the book would have been a bit more definite, especially seeing as how there are no other books in this series. Jack agreed to move closer to Ricky's school so they could live together but are they finally going to be monogamous? Is Ricky's mom going to ever get over the fact that her son is dating someone 30 years older? Does Jack ever take Ricky to meet his parents? How is their relationship after they finally realized they love each other? I wished we'd have gotten the answers to those questions but we don't. After Jack and Ricky decided they love each other and are going to move to be closer to each other the book ends.

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An excellent read. Extremely well paced. Very well written and hot : )

4.75 starsThis is one damn sexy book!

Lovely may/december romance.

Open relationship

Too much sex!

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